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Back Aboard

24 July 2010 | Pulpit Harbor, Penobscot Bay, ME
Saturday July 24th

Having got Osprey settled on her mooring in Rockland Harbor our next task was to set up our "land" home. We traveled to Skowhegan last Sunday bringing some of our "stuff" from Osprey. We arrived at our rental house, found the key under the mat as arranged and we were in! The house is perfect and in a very quiet, scenic area, the best part for us is that it is fully furnished, even including bed linens and towels. Over the course of Monday we were able to empty out the storage area we had rented last summer. This was done in short order as we really don't have too many extraneous belongings - Tom's woodworking tools, my work clothes, some books, photo albums and our ski gear and that was it. Tuesday we went and bought a car! Wednesday we reprovisioned and on Thursday headed back to Rockland and our beloved Osprey. We were relieved to find her none the worse for wear after our short absence and it was great to be back aboard. Now we have a week before we have to go back to Skowhegan and start work. We awoke to clear blue skies on Friday and after a quick trip to the local Lobster pound we cast off the mooring line and headed out into Penobscot Bay. We had arranged to meet "Mr Mac" at Pulpit Harbor, North Haven. We arrived to find the harbor almost empty and had our pick of anchoring spots. Mr Mac, with Chris and Anne, arrived shortly after us and dropped their anchor nearby. It was great to see them again having last said goodbye in Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos. We had a mini lobster fest aboard Osprey and caught up on each others adventures. This is what we love about cruising - you meet people in far flung anchorages and by keeping in touch (which is easy via e-mail) sooner or later you will see them again. We chatted way past cruisers' bed time and had a great evening. After a sound night's sleep, we awoke to find the anchorage engulfed in fog but, as is usual, it lifted later in the morning. Chris came by to say goodbye and we waved as Mr Mac left, bound for Camden. We decided to stay put and spent a nice relaxed day perusing our Maine Cruising Guides and reading. We love this anchorage, which is typical for Maine - well protected, good holding and surrounded by a bold, granite shoreline. Pulpit Harbor is so named because of the rock, shaped like a pulpit, that sits at the entrance. The Osprey nest atop is said to be 150 years old! We also feel privileged to be sharing it with some of the Schooners that ply Penobscot Bay. It is always impressive to watch these graceful ships come in and anchor under sail alone - most of them do not have engines. We expect the weather to be a little better tomorrow so we will head off for a new anchorage.

Vessel Name: Osprey
Vessel Make/Model: Shannon38 #33
Hailing Port: East Greenwich, RI
Crew: Tom & Vicky Worosz
About: We have cruised to the Bahamas and back twice ad are now back on land for a while. This Summer (2012) we have outfitted ourseleves with motorcycles and are heading off for a month long "land cruise'

Who: Tom & Vicky Worosz
Port: East Greenwich, RI