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Burnt Coat Harbor, Swan's Island

22 July 2011
Last night an amazing Summer thunderstorm shook us from our bunks and sent us scrambling to close the hatches. Then we fell back to sleep until the lobster boats left the harbor early in the morning. Fog was forecast and the wind was howling all night so we weren't sure what we would find when we got up. Sure enough there was some swirling fog but it seemed to be burning off so we made ready to depart this lovely place. Once we left the shelter of the harbor we found rough, confused seas, kicked up by the winds of last night. This is what we would expect since this area is wide open to the Atlantic with no land mass to break up the seas. We decided to head for Burnt Coat Harbor which was not too far away but spent an anxious hour navigating around the granite ledges, avoiding lobster pots and steering into the swells. This was definitely one of those times when we did not wish to snag a pot as we would have ended up on the rocks in very short order, especially as there was not enough wind to sail out of trouble. Thankfully we made it into the shelter of Burnt Coat Harbor on the Southern side of Swan's Island without mishap. Once we were into the well protected harbor we found placid waters and a sweltering hot day. We tied up to a vacant mooring, of which there were several and headed ashore. We paid for the mooring at the lobster co-op, $20 a night - bargain! We curiously watched the lobster boats coming in and unloading their haul. One boat off-loaded over 600 lbs of lobster, which apparently is an average catch for a day!

After consulting our cruising guide we decided to take the dinghy across the harbor to the town of Minturn. Here, we went for a run, which was truncated by the heat but rewarded by going for a fresh water swim in the quarry! Turns out neither of us has ever swum in a quarry - so that's one thing to cross off the bucket list! After cooling off at the quarry we headed back to Osprey in time for cocktails and supper. Another perfect day.
Vessel Name: Osprey
Vessel Make/Model: Shannon38 #33
Hailing Port: East Greenwich, RI
Crew: Tom & Vicky Worosz
About: We have cruised to the Bahamas and back twice ad are now back on land for a while. This Summer (2012) we have outfitted ourseleves with motorcycles and are heading off for a month long "land cruise'

Who: Tom & Vicky Worosz
Port: East Greenwich, RI