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29 March 2020 | Green Valley, Az.
02 July 2018 | Ocean Park, Wa
19 October 2017 | Green Valley, Az.
20 June 2017 | Ocean Park, Wa.
31 December 2015 | Green Valley, Az
26 September 2015 | Pairasio Base, Green Valey, Az
31 May 2015 | Ocean Park, Wa.
31 December 2014 | Pairaiso Base Green Valley, Az
02 November 2014 | Green Valley, Az.
30 June 2014 | DBBB - Longbeach, Wa
28 October 2013 | Mesa, Az
29 May 2013 | Mckinney, Texas
31 March 2013 | Ocean Park, Washington
20 December 2011 | Mazatlan, Mexico
07 March 2011 | Mazatlan & State Side
29 January 2011 | Mazatlan

Headin' For Border

28 April 2010 | Mazatlan
The Skipper
The Border

We decided to head to the states on April 15th. In addition to the normal projects to put the boat to bed we always have a few extra surprises. This season in addition to to getting the refer back in order we discovered some dry rot around the pilothouse door and a few small cracks in the fiberglass deck. Neither of these were very big projects just time consuming and an unneeded interruption.

The refrigeration worked out very well. The repair guy cleaned and repaired the unit, reinstalled it and got it running great after only one call back checkup. The remaining projects took to the end of March, Then we had to get down to business and get the boat ready to leave.
Refer DoneDoor JamRepaired Deck
As we worked the project list we came to point where we needed to close the through hulls. The water intake through hull in the head leaked when it was closed. Not much but enough to cause issues over time, like over the summer. This was easily solved by tightening up the ball value attachment nut a couple of times.

Next came the engine fresh water flush. During this task I discovered that the water intake value could not be closed. Plus during the investigation I punctured the intake hose. I left this project in the hands of my service provider to replace the value and hose. I had my summer boat care giver keep a close eye on the engine room bilge until it was fixed, which was done in June.

We left on the 15th and headed to San Carlos, one long days drive (545 miles).

Thanks for visiting our blog. More to follow for sure!
Vessel Name: Perpetua
Vessel Make/Model: 1964 Piver Victress Trimaran
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon
Crew: Pat & Susan Canniff
About: Pat has owned Perpetua since 1975, she was built in 1964. Pat's dream started before he purchased Perpetua. Susan joined the dream 26 years ago. Together they made it a reality. We left our homeport in 1999, cruised down the Columbia River and turned left for points south.
Extra: Never let the dream fade. Pat once got an award, from his local yacht club, for having the longest 5 year plan, in the club. Create a plan, work the plan, and keep on dreaming.
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