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Hurry up and Hope! Sorry no brass ring ...

11 July 2012 | Mazatlan
The Skipper

Chile's Pepper
Our Favorite Restaruant

Arriving just before Christmas is like catching a ride on a moving train, without the train stopping to pick you up. Each season the cruisers have planned out various activities. We were busy waking up Perpetua to make her livable as quickly as possible. We joined in the holiday festivities as much as we could. By the time New Years rolled by we were pooped and stayed home. We were able to hear and see some of the fireworks then went to sleep.

Also by new years I (Pat) was beginning to feel some illness coming on. This proved to be true and when it was done I was sick for about two and half weeks before I decided to take some antibiotics, it took 2 separate series of doses before I kicked it out of my system and even then it threatened to come back as an ear ache. At three weeks into my illness Susan started to come down with it. She immediately started a regiment of antibiotics and kicked hers about the same time as mine ended. We weren't the only ones sick, it seems that most of the cruisers we talked with had various versions of this illness since their arrivals in Mexico.

When we had days of feeling human Susan and with some help from me were able to make sewing repairs to the awning, the cabin side canvas covers and the pilothouse forward and aft canvas covers. I put in the snaps and lift-a-dots as needed. Then she finished making a replacement pilothouse forward window screen.

When we left last season the refer was not working. During our time north we acquired parts and sent them down to be installed in October with a friend. So when arrived the refer was working and continued to work quite well until the first week in February when late one night the unit started racing for a few moments and then a puff of smoke rose out of the equipment compartment. I rushed over and shut off the power and the refer was dead. I sought help from our service provider and he said "its not good when the smoke gets out". So now we had to order a new part and have it shipped from the US. Let the waiting begin and break out the cooler and initiate the procession of ice bags to the cooler.

During the first week of February, about the same time as the smoke escaped from the refer we were notified that a buyer was coming down in about a week and half. Needless to say the boat didn't look very good as there was several projects on tap for this year that hadn't gotten done. I commenced a great effort to fix cracks in the deck and then paint the entire deck. There was some paint on the hulls from the last hull out that had gotten wet from rain and had crinkled up. These had to be sanded and repainted. Susan washed the inside cabin walls and then applied two coats of Teak oil. Cupboard doors were repaired and the rest of the interior cleaned. Off season we use the after cabin to store gear that is normally installed on deck. We removed and setup all this gear too. When we went to clean the aft cabin we discovered that a window leak had occurred over the summer, causing the newly recovered cushions to mildew and rot. Susan now had to buy new material and recover these cushions during this short time window. We made it just in time for the buyer to show up and see Perpetua close to her best. The buyer showed up on a Sunday night. He spent 1 and a half hours looking and asking questions and videoing the boat. He came back the next day and spent another 1 hour checking out the boat. He then returned home and we later heard from him once, then nothing more ........ At least the boat was looking real good!

The Isotherm Control unit finally arrived after about three weeks. Upon reviewing the installation instructions and looking at the new part and the part displayed online it was soon realized by all, that while we were replacing one part the replacement part was actually a two part solution. I had not ordered the complete part replacement, we still needed a Danfoss "Compressor" controller. A new stateside order had to be initiated! Let the every other day the ice bag procession continue! I guess we'll just have to eat out more often. oh double darn!

During our mad rush to get the boat ready for the buyer review, we use our computers as an escape, I rediscovered some online websites, I'd saved and had been meaning to investigate. One of them was for a resort, of sorts, called La Rosa's. This hotel was located in Barras De Piaxtla, about 55 minutes drive north out of Mazatlan. This happened to be the town where two years earlier we had come to the El Miradore restaurant after visiting the petroglyphs site near by. The restaurant is perched on a hill top and it over looks a beautiful cove, with a small fishing village, and with a prominent light house sitting on top of a rocky out crop, at the opposite end of the bay. When we were here before I'd wanted to come back and explore this small village. It just so happened that around the same time as our wedding anniversary the proprietor of the hotel was offering a mosaic classes. We signed up and added a couple of extra days to cover our anniversary. The mosaic class portion was an all inclusive retreat so we extended that service for the extra days. This meant that the only thing we need to bring was ourselves, clothes and drinks everything else was provide. We were even picked up at the marina and returned there when our time was up.

This whole adventure was totally out of our normal character. In that we went someplace that no one we knew had been there before, we're signed up for a class neither of us knew anything about, so we had no points of reference. Sometimes this can be good or not. In this case we had a marvelous time. We were introduced to Gail the owner and operator when she picked us up, (30 minutes late) right on "Mexican" time. That started an on going conversation that lasted for 5 days. Our rapport with her was instant and warm. Over the course of our visit we learned her life story, from being a hippie in California, to growing flowers for the commercial markets in California and Washington, to how she came to Mexico and then how La Rosa's was started and evolved into what it is today, stories of the villagers, the surf camp and and the local base ball team. We ate great food prepared just how we liked it, strolled on the beach and through the village, climbed the lighthouse and oh yeah learned how to create mosaic art. This involved colored concrete cement, floor tiles, wooden framed bases, hammers and tile crimpers. Needless to say that by the end of the class we knew how to create a mosaic work of art. By the time we were returned to the marina we felt like we had been teleported from one way of life to another and then back again. And we literately had been! Now back to reality, oh ya, the rest of the boat work ......

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Now with the pressure off we could work on boat projects at our normal pace. The next items on the list were to repair fiber glass cracks on the cabin sides, analyze the electrical changes made over last summer and try to correct those changes, stop the opening ports from leaking by replacing and/or re-gluing the gaskets, repair the sewed trim on the window screen inserts, refurbish the ports that are showing rust and repaint them and put a second coat of paint on the deck. The last project had to wait until some friends of ours had returned from a states side visit and brought us more paint. All of these projects progressed and were completed by mid-March. In the course of correcting the electrical system issues, a dead starting battery was discovered, that made two dead batteries out of five over the summer last year. Once the electrical issues were fixed and the new battery installed the engine and electrics worked as they had previously. I decided to writeup detailed instruction on how to start the engine and make sure the proper electrical switches were used.

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Some friends of ours from Portland arrived for a month long vacation. This gave us opportunity to go play, getting us away from the boat projects. One morning we drove downtown to the water taxi pier. We took the water taxi across the harbor to the Stone Island beaches and restaurants. We meet up with some other friends that had just returned from down south on their boats. They were anchored out near Stone Island. We all meet up for a great breakfast. We then spent the rest of the day walking up and down the beach. We visited an RV park on the beach and check it out for future reference. We ended up stopping at another restaurant for lunch. Later in the afternoon we took the water taxi back across the bay and to the car. This was a wonderful relaxing day at the beach!

Arriving home one Sunday evening after we'd been away from the marina for the entire day, we were stopped on the dock by a neighbor who said "the Russians are coming". It turned out that a father and son were in Mazatlan after driving down from LA to see Perpetua and another trimaran that was for sale. They had come to Alaska for an ice carving contest before thy had flown to LA. They had arrived in Mazatlan on a Sunday with little notice and had not been able to see our boat and they were coming back bright an early Monday morning. We had to spring into action to straighten up and clean the boat. Put out the electronics and make her looked "un-lived-in".

They arrived right on schedule, spent an hour looking everywhere. They had an iPad and used the marina WiFi to connect to the internet and use Google to translate their Russian questions into English for us to answer in English and then translate it back into Russian. They seemed very interested in the boat and even spent another hour with the broker before they left, never to be heard from again! Who knows?The Russians came, saw and left.

We are still lugging ice bags to the boat every couple of days. With the boat projects wrapped up it was time to start putting the boat to sleep for the summer. This means stowing gear that is normally on deck and other tasks to insure she has a good sleep. The schedule we had worked out in January meant we had to leave Mazatlan by the end of March to miss Easter week, when the whole place goes crazy with on going Mexican parties and large crowds everywhere, also we had to be in Phoenix by the first of May to support the birth of a new grand baby, but before that we had wanted to visit family in Texas.

Our work was interrupted by the arrival of the refer part. We attempted to have the part installed but it didn't seem to work and just clicked a couple of times and stopped. No refer! We contacted the manufacture and received a testing process which ended up wasting more time and proved nothing. Bring on more ice bags! (We ended up taking the part north and shipping it back to the distributor for more testing, but that's the rest of the refer story, more later)

One day during the last week of our stay the boat broker showed up and said we had an offer on the boat. This was a complete surprise to us and that’s because that was this buyers opening introduction. The offer was 25% below our list price which we had just reduced by $10k in January. We're willing to work a deal but when starting that low we couldn't reach an agreeable figure after some bid swapping, so no sale!

The day before we left Mazatlan we off loaded our personnel gear and other boat gear going north to the car. We closed up the boat and moved into a motel for one night. Then we went to where we had been storing some of additional boat gear and finished jamming/stuffing it into the car with even more stuff. Yeah no more local storage costs. Dinner out was attended by a few friends, we left the next morning after a wonderful dinner and breakfast at our favorite restaurant Chile's Pepper. It's on the beach and after all these years the waiter's actually pretend to know us …. We love this place!

We drove to San Carlos for the night. We stayed at Adlai's a nice low key, clean hotel. With WiFi too! We meet some good friends, at Jax Snax's, from Rose Bud, for dinner, who have their boat there in the yard. While at dinner we bumped into another boating couple we we knew from Agean Odyssey, they were with friends from The Boat, so we all had a nice visit catching up on everyone’s activities.

The next morning we were up early, had a quick breakfast and off we went to the border. The drive was uneventful and the border crossing was relatively easy with only about a 15 minutes wait before being checked through and inspected. Even the guard said we had crossed at the right time just before the Samana Santra (Easter Week) border crossing crush. Back in the USA!

We have some great friends that live in Green Valley, which is about 45 miles north of the border crossing at Nogales. Fortunately for us they welcome our visits when we aren't in the RV. Within a couple of days we had off loaded the car into the RV, which was near by in a storage lot. Then we got the car setup to head to Texas, and off we went. We spent two weeks in McKinney Texas visit family. It was sure great to see all the grand kids! While there Susan flew to Pennsylvania to visit her mother.

Shortly after Susan's return we headed back to Green Valley, Arizona. Once there we woke up the RV in the storage lot, then moved over to a near by RV park and finished the recommissioning and moved in, no new issues were found either!

All to soon it was time to head to Phoenix and await the birth of our new grand baby. First we spent a week visiting with friends in Mesa. We then moved cross town to Goodyear, Arizona where we spent three more weeks. The birth went fine and all were well. We had a great time helping out as best we could, visiting with the family and being around the new grand baby too!

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Thanks for visiting our blog. More to follow for sure!

Vessel Name: Perpetua
Vessel Make/Model: 1964 Piver Victress Trimaran
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon
Crew: Pat & Susan Canniff
About: Pat has owned Perpetua since 1975, she was built in 1964. Pat's dream started before he purchased Perpetua. Susan joined the dream 26 years ago. Together they made it a reality. We left our homeport in 1999, cruised down the Columbia River and turned left for points south.
Extra: Never let the dream fade. Pat once got an award, from his local yacht club, for having the longest 5 year plan, in the club. Create a plan, work the plan, and keep on dreaming.
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