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Oo roo you roos

28 March 2014 | Queenscliff

Photo: High water on the way.

Photo: Keeping us company

We left at 6am for Port Phillip Bay and our next stop, an overnight at Queenscliff Cruising Yacht Club. The seas were high and choppy and the timing had to be right to get us safely through what is called The Rip which is the narrow and quite dangerous stretch of water that connects the bay to Bass Strait. Because of large tidal flows through the fairly narrow channel from the bay to the ocean, and a high rocky seabed, The Rip has claimed many ships and lives so getting through at slack tide is, to put it mildly, fairly important. It was also far better to do it during the day as this is the main shipping channel for Melbourne as we had seen the size of some of those ships.

Photo: Headed for The Rip

Photo: And through we go. No tender needed here thanks.

Photo: Dave's cockpit shot in panorama

We got to Queenscliff at around 6.30pm, the trip taking a little longer than we'd hoped. Unfortunately the two public mooring buoys were occupied so we had to tie up to the wharf, which ended up costing us $40 for the privilege (which we've since found out we shouldn't have had to pay). Luckily the clubrooms were open so showers and freshen ups were the go. We'd no sooner stepped off the boat and walked the few feet to the clubhouse lawns when we were confronted by a small and totally endearing mob of kangaroos that regarded us with curiosity as we quickly whipped out the cameras and snapped their portraits.

Photo: Venture docked at Queenscliff YC

Photo: Some of the kangaroos.

The following morning, before we headed off, we once again had the pleasure of meeting a couple of really helpful and friendly guys who were full of tips on how to preserve the fabric on the bimini and information as to the best places to go, to moor and anchor and dock.
Vessel Name: Venture
Vessel Make/Model: Cabo Rico 38-106, B-plan
Hailing Port: Adelaide, South Australia.
Crew: Dave Edwards, Terry Jackson
A true sailing dreamer with one life goal in mind; to live aboard a yacht and circumnavigate Australia. He loves being on the water at every opportunity, and loves the challenges that the waters can throw at him. [...]
Dave and I have been together since November 2002 after meeting through interesting circumstances. A little more on that later. ** If anyone is actually interested in the ramblings of a 50+ sailing newbie-ish, artiste extrordinaire and the clever one who actually knows about boats (thanks Dave [...]
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These are some of the photos taken during our shakedown cruise in November/December 2013
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