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The adventures of Jim and Isabel aboard S/V Sonsie of Victoria

Under the Sun!

24 April 2013 | 11°01.65'N 150°23.94'W
Coral Bliss Taylor/..windy?
Well we are enjoying our days at sea.

Today we passed under the sun.

That is: had the mast not been healed over due to the sails it would not have cast a shadow. the sun was at our zenith.

This happened because our latitude matched the suns declination just at the same time of our LAN (local apparent noon). This was pretty neat.

Isabel will be posting our blog update with Coral's help soon.

Big moon shining over a big ocean and a small boat.

[posted by Coral]

Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons User Tfr000 (no user page).
Vessel Name: Sonsie of Victoria
Vessel Make/Model: Southern Cross 39'
Hailing Port: White Rock BC
Crew: Jim Merritt & Isabel Bliss
Retired from the skies, Isabel and Jim are headed to the sea, to first sail the South Pacific then beyond. They are members of the Vancouver BC chapter of the Blue Water Cruising Association. Jim is a former member of the Yellowknife NWT's Great Slave Cruising Club, Isabel of White Rock BC's Lower [...]
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Who: Jim Merritt & Isabel Bliss
Port: White Rock BC