Pacific Odyssey - Trans North Pacific Row

Vessel Name: Crackers
Vessel Make/Model: Ocean Rower
Hailing Port: Poole, Dorset UK
Crew: Tim Welford, Dom Mee
In May of 2001 the crew of 'Crackers' will set out from Choshi, a small fishing village north of Tokyo, Japan. They will head out into the vast emptiness of the north Pacific Ocean on a great circle route towards the western shore of the United States some 5000 miles distant. They have to reach [...]
31 December 2001 | Exmouth, Devon, UK
10 October 2001 | The Blue Boar, Poole, Dorset UK
22 September 2001 | Los Angeles
18 September 2001 | Lat: 43 33.56' N Long: 146 53.08' W
13 September 2001 | 43 11.84' N, 150 06.40' W
07 September 2001 | 42 56.92' N, 153 16.00' W
30 August 2001 | 42 46.96' N, 157 04.20' W
21 August 2001 | Lat: 44 42.32' N - Long: 165 31.08' W
15 August 2001 | Just past halfway!
01 August 2001 | International Dateline, N Pacific
25 July 2001 | Pacific
18 July 2001 | North Pacific
10 July 2001 | Pacific
05 July 2001 | Somewhere wet, windy and soggy
27 June 2001 | Pacific
20 June 2001 | 33 degs 45 N 162 degs 31 E
06 June 2001 | 158 Degrees E
30 May 2001 | Pacific
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31 December 2001 | Exmouth, Devon, UK

Happy New Year!

What a year it has been, after being on dry land since September it's hard to believe that Tim and I were once rowing the Pacific. We are now preparing for the London Boat Show starting on the 3rd of January 2002, the last time we attended the show was last January along with 'Crackers'.

10 October 2001 | The Blue Boar, Poole, Dorset UK


As you all now know, our North Pacific Unsupported rowing attempt came to a disastrous end when we were damaged and capsized beyond repair by an American fishing vessel. Now with our feet firmly on dry land and having got over the 'lucky to be alive' feeling we have to look at the positive aspects of [...]

22 September 2001 | Los Angeles


As you know by now, Pacific Odyssey has come to a dramatic and premature end. The Tuna fishing vessel 'Judy S' collided with Crackers cutting the hull virtually in two, throwing Dom into the sea and leaving me trapped in the upturned hull. After getting out we were taken aboard the Judy S and amanged [...]

It's Not Over Until the Pacific Says its Over

07 September 2001 | 42 56.92' N, 153 16.00' W
Dom Mee
After seeing a chink of light at the end of the tunnel; rowing in the paradise of westerly winds, it has all stopped as we've been on the sea anchor for three days. We are resorting back to siege tactics by rowing when the winds are light and anchoring quickly as the breezes increase from the South East. Tim and I have both accepted that the pacific will always a have the last word.

On a more positive note we know the weather is due to change and with not too far until the three quarter way mark we're rearing to go.

We've not been alone this week with sightings of three container ships en route to Long Beach California. We always hail the bridge on VHF for the exchange of nautical pleasantries and the joy of hearing another human voice in this wilderness. We have also had some non human contact in the form of a young whale, still a formidable creature at 30 feet he was shy at first circling the boat at a distance until he realised that we were no threat to him. We were then subjected to much bravado as the young buck came towards us at speed in a mock attack, this action was repeated on four occasions before he swam off feeling very brave to assault some plankton:-)

We also had our first encounter with a large shark, at 7 feet not a man eater, but a great spectacle as it circled the boat. Of course at the time none of our cameras were ready and by the time we'd got our act together our curious shark swam off - that's showbiz!

I'm sure we'll see some more as we approach the United States seaboard and the Farallon Islands off San Francisco as it is the home of the largest specimens of great white sharks to be found in the world. Hopefully we'll try to film them - from the safety of Crackers I might add!

All my love to Mum, Dad, Sian and Ang and thank you for all your messages, Alasdair back at our base station will be bringing all your good luck messages out to San Francisco for us to read when we arrive. Unfortunately our laptop cannot be repaired but we know you are all rooting for us. In this Ocean Rowing lark we get plenty of time to marvel at the natural world. Land life is busy so take time out, even if just to stick your head out of the window, feel the wind, smile, you're alive! Until next time keep it real.

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