Pacific Odyssey - Trans North Pacific Row

Vessel Name: Crackers
Vessel Make/Model: Ocean Rower
Hailing Port: Poole, Dorset UK
Crew: Tim Welford, Dom Mee
In May of 2001 the crew of 'Crackers' will set out from Choshi, a small fishing village north of Tokyo, Japan. They will head out into the vast emptiness of the north Pacific Ocean on a great circle route towards the western shore of the United States some 5000 miles distant. They have to reach [...]
31 December 2001 | Exmouth, Devon, UK
10 October 2001 | The Blue Boar, Poole, Dorset UK
22 September 2001 | Los Angeles
18 September 2001 | Lat: 43 33.56' N Long: 146 53.08' W
13 September 2001 | 43 11.84' N, 150 06.40' W
07 September 2001 | 42 56.92' N, 153 16.00' W
30 August 2001 | 42 46.96' N, 157 04.20' W
21 August 2001 | Lat: 44 42.32' N - Long: 165 31.08' W
15 August 2001 | Just past halfway!
01 August 2001 | International Dateline, N Pacific
25 July 2001 | Pacific
18 July 2001 | North Pacific
10 July 2001 | Pacific
05 July 2001 | Somewhere wet, windy and soggy
27 June 2001 | Pacific
20 June 2001 | 33 degs 45 N 162 degs 31 E
06 June 2001 | 158 Degrees E
30 May 2001 | Pacific
Recent Blog Posts
31 December 2001 | Exmouth, Devon, UK

Happy New Year!

What a year it has been, after being on dry land since September it's hard to believe that Tim and I were once rowing the Pacific. We are now preparing for the London Boat Show starting on the 3rd of January 2002, the last time we attended the show was last January along with 'Crackers'.

10 October 2001 | The Blue Boar, Poole, Dorset UK


As you all now know, our North Pacific Unsupported rowing attempt came to a disastrous end when we were damaged and capsized beyond repair by an American fishing vessel. Now with our feet firmly on dry land and having got over the 'lucky to be alive' feeling we have to look at the positive aspects of [...]

22 September 2001 | Los Angeles


As you know by now, Pacific Odyssey has come to a dramatic and premature end. The Tuna fishing vessel 'Judy S' collided with Crackers cutting the hull virtually in two, throwing Dom into the sea and leaving me trapped in the upturned hull. After getting out we were taken aboard the Judy S and amanged [...]


18 July 2001 | North Pacific
Some fair winds at last! Zipping east nicely. Hopefully it will last but heh, this is the Pacific and strange things happen out here. We are both in good spirits and feel we are achieving some good progress. Medically we are in pretty good shape and have not had to venture into the med' chest for more than nappy rash cream for our spotty botts'. So cheers for that doc and enjoy Maui, only 1,900 nM for us! I was able to use our satcomms kit from 7E Communications to call up my brother on the yacht 'Attitude' last week in the South Pacific (what we call the softy sea! (well, not if your rowing it eh Jim Shekhdar). So hi to Nick and the rest of the crew. I know where i'd rather be when we are getting hammered by a storm. We had storm number 12 last week and cut a pair of sorry figures sat in the cockpit for evening meal. Good job the food is so good, big morale boost when wet & cold + the best tasting chocolate ever. Thanks Elide at Fra Angelico, your pictures are on the way. We were joined by another creature from the depths a couple of days ago to add to the collection of sealife sighted. A loud splash made us both look up and we watched a large black marlin launch it self skyward. We still get regular dolphin and turtle visits. Which makes me think of land creatures I've left behind. Emma (+ rest of Vines Close stable gang) I hope you are keeping a close eye on Koomie as I am sure Clare beats her when I'm not around! (only joking). I'm suprised I've had no message from you yet Emma as I know you still have a crush on me. (She has, hasn't she Sal? Hee hee). Well we are hoping the winds stay good and westerly and we can make some good ground towards half way. The picture has Dom in the boat 'cos it's impossible to get him in the sea. "Oh no, big nobbies with big gnashers man, doesn't mix with the Domster". Just had a good evening meal with a large school of dolphin so I jumped in with them. Well watch this space, International date line next in 8° (about 400 nMiles). Need some juicy gossip via messages page for a laugh, get them sent in, if you dont have any, make like a bootneck and 'make em up'. For example Dom has stopped snoring! (oh really, sorry Ang).


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