More Favorite Gear

Last night we watched the Parade of Lights from Shelter Island. What a view with the lights of the city behind the decorated boats. In case you missed it, there is another parade this Sunday the 15th.

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As promised, here is part two of the items under $20 we use everyday. Click here for part one. If you buy anything from Amazon after clicking on one of these links we get a small kick-back and you get the same low Amazon price as always. Thanks for clicking through us! For more of our favorite items (over $20) visit our Gear page.

Small plastic tubs - $8 - We use these for everything! To hold tools while doing projects, small batches of laundry,  cleaning fish, shoe tub, rinsing snorkel gear, temporary aquarium, etc....  We have several and when not in use they stack neatly while the top one can still be used for storage.

Grip Clip Clothes Pins - $9 - They are a bit pricey but after loosing a few clothes overboard due to cheap clothes pins I feel they are well worth it! Super-grippy! One pin easily holds a towel in a blow. Much cheaper from K-Mart, Fred Meyer's or Walmart!


Liquid Bandaid - $7 - It's waterproof so you can continue swimming even in areas where staph is a problem. Also lets the skin breathe. Do not buy the spray-on kind - it's expensive and empty in no time.

Silicone Baking Pans - $10 - I have a loaf pan and an 8x8 pan. Easy to store because they are flexible, don't make any noise underway and quite non-stick. Easy to clean-up too!

Silicone Pan Lids - $ - Take up a lot less space than regular lids and can be used between pots and pans to stop rattling and scratching.

Handmixer - $20 - 12 volt galley gadgets are too expensive and how long do you really need to mix the cake batter? Our inverter has always been able to handle the 110 volt hand mixer.