Shrink Wrap Finally Gets Removed

Nine months ago, we had our boat shrink wrapped for winter. Two months ago, we drove back to Washington after spending most of the winter in San Diego. We've been working on the boat non-stop since then. Yesterday we finally emerged from the shrink wrap. We have a few more projects we could not get to, with the cover on, before we can finally get back in the water.

Lessons & Tips

*Use white or clear wrap if you are going to be working on the boat under cover -- blue makes it dark and changes colors of things like electrical wires.

*It would have been nice to have some more headroom on the side decks -- it made carrying heavy items very hard on the back.

*We protected all surfaces that were in direct contact with the shrink-wrap with cheap outdoor carpet like this (I use this same stuff to line our lockers - much cheaper from the hardware store). This seems to have been a good decision.

*We were hesitant to cut windows into the shrink wrap, but it held up great with the help of lots of tape. It also made us feel sane.

*Looking at other boats in the yard, covered in green slime and probably leaking, this was a great decision!

*Originally, we were not going to wrap the swim-step and just leave it and the dinghy uncovered. Having it covered made a great entry to the boat where we could keep wet and dirty shoes and tools. We also opted for the largest door in the shrink wrap.

*Leaving the boat at North Harbor Diesel was a great decision. The boat was safe and well looked after - they even hopped on board to grab Mike's passport and mailed it to us so we could go to Mexico to get our teeth cleaned!

Watch the great unveiling time-lapse video