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Palarran Features

15 March 2012
Palarran is a Fountaine Pajot Marquises 56' catamaran built in 2001 and commissioned the next year. It was built in La Rochelle, France and then sailed to Fort Lauderdale for final fit out. The previous owner was in the shipping business and spared no expense in customizing the boat. He then used the boat very lightly in the Caribbean, but mostly it sat in a slip waiting to be sailed.

Most Marquises' that where built where used as crewed charter boats designed for four couples plus two crew. There are two cabins with queen sized beds and two forward cabins with double beds plus a drop down single bed. All cabins have their own bathrooms (called heads on boats).

There is a good sized kitchen (galley) in the starboard (right) hull. In the port (left) hull there is a super large refrigerator and freezer and a laundry room.
Aft Bedroom
Forward Bedroom

The center area that connects the two hulls is called a bridge deck. Palarran has a very large one which has a bar and food prep area, a nice navigation station, a dining table, and small sitting area. Outside there is a table that seats 10 under a hard top bimini.
Dining Table
Christophe at the Bar

Some other features that make Palarran nice is two generators, a dive compressor and all the dive equipment, 1000 gallon per day watermaker, and air conditioning. I built a nice grilling station on the back of the boat which is used quite often. We have a 13' dingy that works well to get us back and forth to shore.
The Dingy
Vessel Name: Palarran
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot Marquises 56
Hailing Port: Portage, Michigan
Crew: David, Jeanne, Nick, and Elaina Lambright
About: We enjoy adventurous travel. We also love the water. These two combined have led us to embark on a sailing tour of the Mediterranean. 2015 will be our fourth season.
David is a small business owner who enjoys planning the family travel in his spare time. Jeanne manages the family and enjoys travel and tennis. Nick is learning how to run a business and cook by founding Nicks Gyros food trailer. Elaina is the joy of the family. Perfect in every way [...]
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Joe, Matt, Adam, and Kerry enjoy the Med
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The Wanderers

Who: David, Jeanne, Nick, and Elaina Lambright
Port: Portage, Michigan

Sailing Route

Aldarion was the Heir to the King of NĂºmenor. He was a great captain and adventurer, to the dismay of his father, who wished his son to spend his youth on the island he would one day rule. Aldarion, though, felt the call of the sea, and he built himself a vast ship, larger than any that had been seen at that time. He called it PALARRAN, an Elvish name meaning 'Far-Wanderer', and in it he journeyed the Great Sea to Middle-Earth. JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion
Not All Who Wander Are Lost