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08 July 2013 | Montenegro
08 July 2013 | Montenegro
08 July 2013 | Montenegro
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06 July 2013 | Montenegro
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Skinny Dave

05 May 2012
Skinny Dave is a not so kind nick name in relation to me (David). When Gordy with Simpson Bay Diesel was doing my final engine checkout he brought his daughter Alyssa with him. Her mother was a Jamaican who Gordy had a short relationship with. One week after Alyssa was born her mother moved back home leaving her with Gordy. He has raised her as a daughter even though it became apparent she wasn't. Alyssa really wanted to go to McDonalds and have a happy meal. She talked no stop about the happy meal and that she was 7. Her favorite numbers were 7, 17, 77, and so on. So, we hung out with Alyssa on deck for around 4 hours as Gordy did the service on the Yanmar engines and Racor fuel filters.
After a while, she looks around and says, "Where is skinny Dave?" You can imagine my response, "Who's skinny Dave?" The other Dave, your "Fat Dave!" Well Alyssa, now you're not going to get your happy meal because I'm not tipping your Father! We all had a laugh about it, Skinny stuck, and thankfully no one is calling me Fat Dave.
Back to the sailing. After Stosh's post yesterday we decided to switch to the starboard engine as the port had been running for around 15 hours straight. That's when we discovered that something has wrapped around the propeller preventing its use. We tried to get whatever it is off by reversing and the motor vibrates very badly. We tried again today and it's still there. The best guess is that it is Sargasso seaweed but it could be a small piece of rope or netting. There isn't any interference with the rudders and the seas are too rough to clear it. So the decision has been made to continue on until Horta and sort it out on arrival. That means we will either need to anchor outside the harbor to clear it, request a tow, or use our tender tied to the side as auxiliary propulsion. We all feel there isn't any immediate danger in this as the port motor is working fine.
We started sailing again yesterday at 4:00pm and have been since. The wind has built to 20 knots true with gusts to 25 from the Northwest. The swells are fairly large, some of them around 15 feet. We are on a broad reach which means the wind is coming at a 45 degree angle behind us. We have a single reef in the main and the jib is ½ out. Our speed is about 7 knots and we are on an 80 degree magnetic heading. This all is pretty normal for this area. Judging from the weather forecasts, this should last us the way but not get any worse.
I know many of these posts have mentioned Dave's cooking. His meal last night was again unbelievable. Hours new tuna cooked perfectly. Wow. I gladly volunteered to do the dishes after the effort he put into cooking. There's not much else to report. I'm a little smelly so tonight it's a shower and shave. I need to remember the tooth brush also. Without Jeanne around you have no idea how quickly I can degenerate to a stinky sailorman.
Vessel Name: Palarran
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot Marquises 56
Hailing Port: Portage, Michigan
Crew: David, Jeanne, Nick, and Elaina Lambright
About: We enjoy adventurous travel. We also love the water. These two combined have led us to embark on a sailing tour of the Mediterranean. 2015 will be our fourth season.
David is a small business owner who enjoys planning the family travel in his spare time. Jeanne manages the family and enjoys travel and tennis. Nick is learning how to run a business and cook by founding Nicks Gyros food trailer. Elaina is the joy of the family. Perfect in every way [...]
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The Wanderers

Who: David, Jeanne, Nick, and Elaina Lambright
Port: Portage, Michigan

Sailing Route

Aldarion was the Heir to the King of Númenor. He was a great captain and adventurer, to the dismay of his father, who wished his son to spend his youth on the island he would one day rule. Aldarion, though, felt the call of the sea, and he built himself a vast ship, larger than any that had been seen at that time. He called it PALARRAN, an Elvish name meaning 'Far-Wanderer', and in it he journeyed the Great Sea to Middle-Earth. JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion
Not All Who Wander Are Lost