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08 July 2013 | Montenegro
08 July 2013 | Montenegro
08 July 2013 | Montenegro
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06 July 2013 | Montenegro
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The Days are Packed

16 June 2012 | Mallorca
I picked up Joe, Matt, Adam, and Nick from the airport at 1:00am on June 9th. We had got a slip at the marina in San Antonio and I used a rental car to get the boys. The following morning everyone slept in until noon or later so Kerry and I took Palarran out and went to a small cala (cove) called Cala Bassa. We enjoyed a leasurly afternoon as everyone was still jet lagged.
That evening we went back into San Antonio to anchor and ran into some difficulties getting the anchor to set. The sea grass was so thick I couldn't get it to dig in before it became clogged with grass. After 6 attempts we motored out of the bay and anchored off shore in about 50' of water. This was the first time I've not been able to get a full set on my anchor and it was quite disturbing for me. Basically I can't sleep unless I'm sure we are not going to drag the anchor so my night was pretty short and restless. The next day we sailed out of the bay and down to the Southwest tip of Ibiza to see Isla Verde. We anchored off a beach and enjoyed a great lunch and some beach time, then headed north to another cala named Porto San Miguel.

Porto San Miguel was a perfect place to hang out for a few days. There were three laid back beaches around the Cala. Kerry, Joe, and Adam went diving and we used the dingy to explore the coast and it's natural arches. We found a nice spot to do some cliff diving and everyone did it. The first jumps were pretty tame then the testosterone started to build for Matt and Nick until Joe and I were yelling "That's high enough". The water was very clear and a perfect temperature for swimming. That night Skinny Dave and Nick took a cab back to San Antonio to do some Clubbing. They came back around 7:00am the next day with smiles on their faces and telling few tales, so I'm guessing they had some fun. We also hiked up to an old stone watchtower to get some land exercise.

At 6:00pm we hauled anchor and set off for Mallorca. The plan was to sail all night and end up at the northern tip of the island. We had great wind until 3:00am when it died out and we ended up motoring the rest of the way. This section of coast is a Unesco Natural World Heritage Site and it was stunning. Unfortunately only Joe, Kerry, and I enjoyed it as everyone else was asleep. You snooze, you lose I guess. We have had a little sickness going around which was one of the reasons everyone is sleeping so much. It started with Matt, then Adam, and now Nick and Joe have it. It's like a summer cold.
Mallorca is the second place I've visited on this trip that has made me want to live there (Faial, Horta was the first). There is a nice chilled out feel to the island and plenty to do. Polencia, on the northern tip of the island, was a nice spot to drop the anchor. Nick and I rented a car and drove to Palma to get some boat supplies. I enjoyed the one-on-one time with him as we hadn't been able to catch up with each other previously. On the way back we did the final grocery stockpile and the selection and pricing was excellent. Last night we hung pretty low and got to bed early. Now we are on our way to some beaches on the East side of the island. The plan is for tubing, cliff jumping, diving, and sun tanning.

Youtube Video of cliff diving:
Vessel Name: Palarran
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot Marquises 56
Hailing Port: Portage, Michigan
Crew: David, Jeanne, Nick, and Elaina Lambright
About: We enjoy adventurous travel. We also love the water. These two combined have led us to embark on a sailing tour of the Mediterranean. 2015 will be our fourth season.
David is a small business owner who enjoys planning the family travel in his spare time. Jeanne manages the family and enjoys travel and tennis. Nick is learning how to run a business and cook by founding Nicks Gyros food trailer. Elaina is the joy of the family. Perfect in every way [...]
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The Wanderers

Who: David, Jeanne, Nick, and Elaina Lambright
Port: Portage, Michigan

Sailing Route

Aldarion was the Heir to the King of NĂºmenor. He was a great captain and adventurer, to the dismay of his father, who wished his son to spend his youth on the island he would one day rule. Aldarion, though, felt the call of the sea, and he built himself a vast ship, larger than any that had been seen at that time. He called it PALARRAN, an Elvish name meaning 'Far-Wanderer', and in it he journeyed the Great Sea to Middle-Earth. JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion
Not All Who Wander Are Lost