Our family adventures on the sailing vessel Pandion cruising the Pacific.

20 November 2012 | Golden Gate Bridge
19 November 2012 | enroute
16 November 2012
16 November 2012 | enroute
08 November 2012 | enroute
07 November 2012 | enroute
03 November 2012 | Radio Bay, Hilo Harbor, HI
02 November 2012 | Saigon Pho House, Hilo, HI
02 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
01 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
01 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
30 October 2012 | The Great Pacific
29 October 2012 | The Great Pacific
23 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
22 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
20 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
18 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
17 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
17 October 2012 | Fanning
16 October 2012 | The Great Pacific

Half Moon Bay

02 February 2010 | Half Moon Bay!
Lola, fricken feezing
Tomorrow we set sail for Morrow Bay. Why Morrow Bay you say? Well, anytime we can pick up my cousin's husband, Alex, as crew we do. It turns out that he needs to stop in at Morrow Bay to install a ceiling fan in his parents' house. Fortunately for us, his parents are really fabulous people and fortunately for us we've never seen Morrow Bay. That will be fun!!!

But that means that we're leaving HMB which I am not yet ready to do. My mom is here, and I'm going to miss here so, SO terribly. And I do love to watch my mom and my kid interact. They're nearly the same height and they've both got a touch of the devil in them so they look like two little imps ready for mischief and mayhem. They're definitely more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

But what seems to be holding me heart here a little too is that Half Moon Bay has really changed and very much for the better. I had such a wonderful time reconnecting with the town and her people. I thought, gosh, I could live here again. (but for the cold, I just might - it's like Igloolandia here...I'm serious) AND, AND!!! The Ace hardware store in town is AMAZING. I could probably spen a week there and not be cored. They everything ( I mean EVERYTHING) except life ponies and cobras. I found stuff that I didn't even know i needed! (I know, that's probably not a good thing, right?) New Leaf Grocery Store had REAL wasabi - not horseradish but REAL wasabi. And people here are so nice. They look you in the eye and greet you warmly and they say things like please, thank you and excuse me - all things I think are going out of style in Marin.

In short, I'm not ready to leave the town where I grew up. We've re-kindled our romance and I just want it to go on a little longer. I guess I'll have to get used to moving on. I'm not entirely convinced that's a good thing to get used to but it's what it is and all part of the journey. So I guess I'll just say, "See ya later HMB - we'll be back in a spell."

Vessel Name: Pandion
Vessel Make/Model: Derektor/Chance
Hailing Port: Tomales Bay, CA
Crew: Lorca, Lola and Sage
About: We are a little family on a big boat exploring the beautiful Pacific Isles.
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Day one of our car rental and land exploration.
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Created 2 August 2012
Unbelievable SCUBA with Mantas.
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Created 3 July 2012
Bananas, dancing and sunset
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Created 3 July 2012
Our incredible sail from Raiatea to Bora Bora.
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Created 28 June 2012
Lorca's morning swim the other day produced this coolest ever fish. We followed it around for a long time taking pictures and videos watching it diggy-dig-dig in the sand with its crazy adapted wing-like fins. Very much one of the coolest fish I've ever met.
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Created 10 June 2012
Onupohu Bay, Moorea. Stingray alley. Getting schlupped by stingrays. Sage got schlupped three times right on her face (mask and snorkel) by big stingrays. It was incredibly incredible.
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Created 10 June 2012
Sunday Morning Market in Papeete. 5AM to 8AM
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Created 3 June 2012
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Created 2 June 2012
My absolute favorite place in the Tuamotu Archipelago. I could have stay and dove every day for a month here. At least.
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Created 2 June 2012
Miscellany over the last few days.
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Created 17 April 2012
Tattoos, hikes and locals or Vaitahu, Tahuata, Isles Marquises
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Created 13 April 2012
THe most stunning Village ever.
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Created 13 April 2012
Jusdt a few pictures of Hanamenu and the amazing woman named, "Mama Tihu" or, "MarieJo" with whom I made an incredible soul connection. A blog posting on her later.
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Created 13 April 2012
Last Few Days of passage and Arrival to Hiva Oa and Cultural Festival
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Created 29 March 2012
Hey Folks, a mish-mash of select pics from the last several weeks. Enjoy!
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Created 28 March 2012
Rudder repair at Lobos...and some other stuff. To go with BLOG posting of 2-25-12
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Created 25 February 2012
Before Pandion was Pandion
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Created 11 November 2011