Our family adventures on the sailing vessel Pandion cruising the Pacific.

20 November 2012 | Golden Gate Bridge
19 November 2012 | enroute
16 November 2012
16 November 2012 | enroute
08 November 2012 | enroute
07 November 2012 | enroute
03 November 2012 | Radio Bay, Hilo Harbor, HI
02 November 2012 | Saigon Pho House, Hilo, HI
02 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
01 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
01 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
30 October 2012 | The Great Pacific
29 October 2012 | The Great Pacific
23 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
22 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
20 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
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17 October 2012 | Fanning
16 October 2012 | The Great Pacific


08 March 2012 | Los Frailles
What do-do heads would start a 2800 mile crossing by leaving a lovely anchorage for 35 knot winds and steep confused seas? We'd been warned some time ago by our friends Vic and Hanna (now of S/V Funkadelic) that we should stay put if a Norther was predicted in the Sea of Cortez. It probably would have been wise to follow their advice. To be fair, we have plenty of experience with Pandion in 20-30 knot winds and the prediction was for low 20s today. For some reason the narrow, long Sea of Cortez tends to stack waves steep and incredibly close together, making life a whole lot rougher than one would expect. If we'd been heading upwind or in a shorter boat as our friends once were, today's conditions would have been an impossible nightmare. As it was, they provided an exhilarating (if wearing) next step up our learning curve.

Pandion has a waterline of around 60 feet. This helped dampen the close-together waves both directly and by allowing us enough speed to effectively spread their wavelengths out to a manageable (and sometimes almost comfortable) distance. We spent much of the day making 9-10 knots nearly dead downwind, with apparent winds in the mid-upper 20s. On the larger waves Pandion would take of and surf briefly to 14 knots and once we clocked her for a few seconds at 17.6! Not the way we want to spend a 3 week crossing but for the two of us not incapacitated by seasickness it was an exciting ride. The sensible one aboard finally prevailed, though, and we ducked into a little cove with good protection from the North (though 20 knots if wind still keep us tight against our anchor snubber).

Tomorrow will be a day of rest and repair. Not all of our downwind systems are completely dialed in and today's conditions certainly revealed the weaknesses. Casualty list includes a snapped staysail whisker pole, chafed-through jib sheet, cracked batten and chafed mainsail. Fortunately, what we saw today will almost certainly be rougher than anything we will encounter between here and Fiji. Spirits are good and we're all excited for another night or two of motionless sleep before getting back on the roller coaster.
Vessel Name: Pandion
Vessel Make/Model: Derektor/Chance
Hailing Port: Tomales Bay, CA
Crew: Lorca, Lola and Sage
About: We are a little family on a big boat exploring the beautiful Pacific Isles.
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Day one of our car rental and land exploration.
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Created 2 August 2012
Unbelievable SCUBA with Mantas.
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Created 3 July 2012
Bananas, dancing and sunset
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Created 3 July 2012
Our incredible sail from Raiatea to Bora Bora.
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Created 28 June 2012
Lorca's morning swim the other day produced this coolest ever fish. We followed it around for a long time taking pictures and videos watching it diggy-dig-dig in the sand with its crazy adapted wing-like fins. Very much one of the coolest fish I've ever met.
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Created 10 June 2012
Onupohu Bay, Moorea. Stingray alley. Getting schlupped by stingrays. Sage got schlupped three times right on her face (mask and snorkel) by big stingrays. It was incredibly incredible.
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Created 10 June 2012
Sunday Morning Market in Papeete. 5AM to 8AM
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Created 3 June 2012
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Created 2 June 2012
My absolute favorite place in the Tuamotu Archipelago. I could have stay and dove every day for a month here. At least.
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Created 2 June 2012
Miscellany over the last few days.
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Created 17 April 2012
Tattoos, hikes and locals or Vaitahu, Tahuata, Isles Marquises
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Created 13 April 2012
THe most stunning Village ever.
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Created 13 April 2012
Jusdt a few pictures of Hanamenu and the amazing woman named, "Mama Tihu" or, "MarieJo" with whom I made an incredible soul connection. A blog posting on her later.
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Created 13 April 2012
Last Few Days of passage and Arrival to Hiva Oa and Cultural Festival
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Created 29 March 2012
Hey Folks, a mish-mash of select pics from the last several weeks. Enjoy!
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Created 28 March 2012
Rudder repair at Lobos...and some other stuff. To go with BLOG posting of 2-25-12
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Created 25 February 2012
Before Pandion was Pandion
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Created 11 November 2011