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24 May 2016 | Rodds Bay
24 December 2015
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27 October 2015 | Port Bundaberg
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04 October 2015 | Village of Mele
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02 September 2015 | Lautoka
31 August 2015 | Lautoka Fiji
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24 August 2015 | Palmerston Island
24 August 2015 | Maupihaa
23 August 2015 | Raiatea
22 August 2015 | Moorea
21 August 2015 | Baie D'Opunohu

Calpe Spain

24 September 2014
A calm night and an early start just on 0600. A yacht moored near us had already left and we could see their nav lights ahead. The skipper, Colin called us up and told us they were going to Calpé which was a little further than we had planned so we thought we could go there. A dark and cloudy start with no wind and flat sea. Thinking we would be motoring we were surprised by the 10 – 14 knts about 1115. Sails up, motors off and we settled in for a reasonable sail. By midday we had 20+knts so a couple of reefs in the sails still giving us 6 – 8 knts SOG. Then came the rain which had been threatening all day. Just as we were approaching Calpé visibility was reduced to not much with the heavy rain. Hopefully a clean boat on arrival?????? Anchored in the bay just off the entrance to the marina which is home base for Colin and his boat “Willsie”. Next day and the need to go ashore for Glen to try and sort his travel/health insurance claim for his leg is on the agenda. Visited Colin and his crew in the marina where we got directions to the address Glen had. On the way, along a very smart boardwalk, should read marble tile walk, we saw the Roman fishing ponds but getting a photo minus holidaying bathers was difficult. The city is of course a tourist destination with the beaches (mud coloured) sporting the umbrellas and lots of white/very red English holiday makers. We lunched late at the best seafood eatery we have seen. 3 courses: first = fried mixed fish. Second = grilled Atlantic salmon for me, grilled cuttlefish for Gary with salad and chips, bread roll, wine, beer and dessert all for €11 per person. The entrée was as large as a main meal, so there was no dinner at night. We have decided on another long day for Wednesday.
Leaving again in the dark, this time with stars in the sky on our port side and lightning behind. That all changed to a few storms with lightning and water spouts. There is not much wind so we are motor sailing along the coast.
Vessel Name: Panormitis
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 410S2
Hailing Port: Gladstone Australia
Crew: Gary and Del Whitmore
About: Gary has salt water in his veins and needs to be near or on the water. Del is his wife and his sailing partner.
Extra: We learned to sail together back in 1977 and have enjoyed a variety of yachts since then. We have previously purchased a monohull in Croatia and took 18months to sail it back to Australia. Now we are doing the trip again this time with a catamaran.
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Panormitis @ anchor

Who: Gary and Del Whitmore
Port: Gladstone Australia