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24 May 2016 | Rodds Bay
24 December 2015
06 November 2015 | Bustard bay
04 November 2015 | Port Bundaberg Marina
27 October 2015 | Port Bundaberg
17 October 2015 | Mele Maat
04 October 2015 | Village of Mele
27 September 2015 | Port Vila
27 September 2015 | Mololo LaiLai
10 September 2015 | Vuda Marina
02 September 2015 | Lautoka
31 August 2015 | Lautoka Fiji
24 August 2015 | Nieafu Tonga
24 August 2015 | Aloft Niue
24 August 2015 | Beveridge Reef
24 August 2015 | Palmerston Island
24 August 2015 | Maupihaa
23 August 2015 | Raiatea
22 August 2015 | Moorea
21 August 2015 | Baie D'Opunohu

Back on board

10 January 2015 | Sint Maartens
Back on board Panormitis after a couple of weeks back in Australia. The trip from Atlanta to here was delayed because they couldn't refuel as the fuel lines had frozen. The news told that 90% of the US was below freezing that morning. Even inside the terminal was cold. Our crew is not rejoining us so it is just the 2 of us for a while. While home family have indicated interest in joining us somewhere along the way. We have had the headsail restitched while we were away and the boss at the chandlery has sold our old dinghy (not sure if I mentioned a split appearing....repaired but no promises) and today we will pick up a new one. .....another item to the never ending expenses attached to a boat. But we couldn't go without a reliable dinghy. Apparently our old one was made for the northern hemisphere and not good in the tropics, hence the new arrival. Have just re-read the last post and yes the dinghy was mentioned...sorry to repeat the fact..
Vessel Name: Panormitis
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 410S2
Hailing Port: Gladstone Australia
Crew: Gary and Del Whitmore
About: Gary has salt water in his veins and needs to be near or on the water. Del is his wife and his sailing partner.
Extra: We learned to sail together back in 1977 and have enjoyed a variety of yachts since then. We have previously purchased a monohull in Croatia and took 18months to sail it back to Australia. Now we are doing the trip again this time with a catamaran.
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Panormitis @ anchor

Who: Gary and Del Whitmore
Port: Gladstone Australia