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Vanuatu to Port Bundaberg

27 October 2015 | Port Bundaberg
The two weeks of the school project had us all overwhelmed by the generosity of the local villagers. Hot lunches provided each day. While in Greece we came to love the Gyros as a cheap delicious meal. Well here we have found the Tuluk. Made up of a dough of tapioca with a meat and vegetable filling, wrapped in a banana leaf then cooked in the hot stones in the ground. They are on sale at the roadside stalls. Served warm in another piece of banana leaf for 100vatu ( $1.20 ). People waiting for buses grab them as a snack and Gary and myself would get one when we arrived on the project site before the rest of the crew. Sunday some of the ladies wanted to have a look at the boat and while there was a little chop they all managed the dinghy ride well. We had some local money left so ate ashore at the Beach Bar. Gary found out they were showing the Australia v Scotland rugby match so I let him go ashore by himself at 2am. We both have awful colds and Gary now has an infected leg. We left the anchorage just after 6am and had to motor sail for the first10 hrs before the wind came up. Caught a Wahoo just before bringing in the lines for the night.
Tuesday and we were buzzed by a jet plane belonging to the French Border Control. They called us up wanting destination, POB, and last port. Details supplied we were welcomed into the waters of New Caledonia, albeit no stopping allowed.
The weather has been as bleak as we both feel and while it is not rough, just the no sun or blue sky has us rugged up inside. Friday and the sun is shinning and it is almost the perfect day. We are behind schedule because of light winds but apart from a couple of squalls during the night we haven't had much sail changing going on. If the wind doesn't pick up we will miss our ETA. We are checking in with Fred ( from the school build ) with his SSB radio so he is up to speed with our progress.
Saturday found us in a mill pond and only 2 knts of wind. The iron spinnaker was engaged to keep our average speed. These conditions lasted until 2pm when out of the blue came a 25 knt southerly change. Another reef in the main and wet decks told us we were back sailing.
Sunday and the wind has weakened and swung to the SE, where we wanted it all the time. Last fishing opportunity had 2 yellowfin tuna ( we let one go) and a Mahi Mahi. Now there should be no problems bringing that into Aus. We hope to celebrate the finish of the trip with sushi and beer/wine.
Arrived at the customs anchorage @ 8.45am. Now officially back home in Aus.
Vessel Name: Panormitis
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 410S2
Hailing Port: Gladstone Australia
Crew: Gary and Del Whitmore
About: Gary has salt water in his veins and needs to be near or on the water. Del is his wife and his sailing partner.
Extra: We learned to sail together back in 1977 and have enjoyed a variety of yachts since then. We have previously purchased a monohull in Croatia and took 18months to sail it back to Australia. Now we are doing the trip again this time with a catamaran.
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Who: Gary and Del Whitmore
Port: Gladstone Australia