Panormitis happenings

24 May 2016 | Rodds Bay
24 December 2015
06 November 2015 | Bustard bay
04 November 2015 | Port Bundaberg Marina
27 October 2015 | Port Bundaberg
17 October 2015 | Mele Maat
04 October 2015 | Village of Mele
27 September 2015 | Port Vila
27 September 2015 | Mololo LaiLai
10 September 2015 | Vuda Marina
02 September 2015 | Lautoka
31 August 2015 | Lautoka Fiji
24 August 2015 | Nieafu Tonga
24 August 2015 | Aloft Niue
24 August 2015 | Beveridge Reef
24 August 2015 | Palmerston Island
24 August 2015 | Maupihaa
23 August 2015 | Raiatea
22 August 2015 | Moorea
21 August 2015 | Baie D'Opunohu

Clearing in and importing @Port Bundaberg

04 November 2015 | Port Bundaberg Marina
We were directed to the customs wharf and had Lisa and Murray attend to us. Lisa was the customs part and Murray the immigration. All happened with ease but now they don't stamp passports and last trip we needed proof of return to reactivate our private health insurance. Will look at that when it happens. Next official was Wesley from Gladstone to do the quarantine bit. They now don't have the sniffer dogs we were subjected to last time but they do a thorough timber inspection with photos (1.5hrs). For this you pay $380, the start of haemorrhaging money. Allocated a berth and started the process of importing. First a valuation,by an independent valuer not one attached to a brokerage. so you begin telling them everything that is wrong with your boat in the hope that it won't be overvalued as there is a 5%import duty, then add that to the valuation and tack on 10% GST to get the amount you have to give the Government. That done ($500) he gets someone else to do the paperwork to send off for approval...his fee $300. More blood on the floor. Waiting waiting for the bill to arrive and of course Melbourne Cup day is in the way and skeleton staff can't assist. Then we get a notification for a second timber inspection and another bill for $140. Wayne our paper man said no this is not right they are using a policy that was changed 2 years ago, so he gets on to his contact in the department to sort it out. Again we wait and if she can't help it means another weekend looming to have said inspection.
Thursday and lovely Tracey sends us the papers "Released from Quanartine". And no bill!!!!!!! you can win some sometimes. Have paid the big dollars to import and have the Authority to deal certificate so we can finally leave and head for home.
10 days in the marina have been well used. Headsail restitched, anchor and chain regalvanised and finally the electrics have been sorted. More blood on the floor. I must say the marina fees were a pleasant surprise. Including power and water was $45 per night and for a catamaran that is good value.
Vessel Name: Panormitis
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 410S2
Hailing Port: Gladstone Australia
Crew: Gary and Del Whitmore
About: Gary has salt water in his veins and needs to be near or on the water. Del is his wife and his sailing partner.
Extra: We learned to sail together back in 1977 and have enjoyed a variety of yachts since then. We have previously purchased a monohull in Croatia and took 18months to sail it back to Australia. Now we are doing the trip again this time with a catamaran.
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Panormitis @ anchor

Who: Gary and Del Whitmore
Port: Gladstone Australia