Panta Rhei

Going with the Flow

Vessel Name: Panta Rhei
Vessel Make/Model: 50 ' Homebuilt Custom Catamaran
Hailing Port: Halifax, Canada
Crew: Allan & Brenda
Extra: The Boat Name : Heraclitus of Ephesus said, "No man ever steps in the same river twice," which Plato paraphrased as, "panta rhei" - everything flows.
16 February 2019 | Underway
15 February 2019 | Underway
14 February 2019 | Underway
13 February 2019 | Belize
11 February 2019 | Belize
07 February 2019 | Belize
05 February 2019 | Belize
02 February 2019 | Belize
01 February 2019 | Belize
30 January 2019 | Belize
07 January 2019 | Belize
05 January 2019 | Belize
03 January 2019 | Belize
02 January 2019 | Belize
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30 December 2018 | Belize
28 December 2018 | Belize
28 December 2018 | Livingston, Guatemala
04 June 2018 | Underway
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16 February 2019 | Underway


Good night. Wind now from the right direction, we are free of the Yucatan Current and are sailing along about 7.5 - 8 knots. It's a lovely day in the neighbourhood.

15 February 2019 | Underway

Day 2

A pleasant day of motor sailing with the hope of the wind freeing up overnight. The wee hours of the morning should see us across the strongest portion of current.

14 February 2019 | Underway

Valentine's Day Cruise

Got away from San Pedro, Belize this morning and we are 57 nm into our Valentine's Day cruise. Lovely sail east on the northerly winds today. This evening we are motor sailing into an adverse current and very light winds.

13 February 2019 | Belize

San Pedro

Awake in the wee hours when the front passed through with a 180 degree wind shift and much stronger winds than predicted. The dance around the anchor was a bit unnerving and we watched one boat haul anchor and move to the other side of the anchorage. Everyone else stayed in place. Today's sail [...]

11 February 2019 | Belize

Caye Caulker - still

Caye Caulker is turning out to be a good place to regain back health. The anchorage is well sheltered from the prevailing winds, the village has ice cream, fresh produce and sufficient diversions to entertain. We are resting, doing back exercises and walking daily. Keeping an eye on the weather as always to see if we will work our way up the Yucatan or try to head straight over to the south coast of Cuba.

07 February 2019 | Belize

Caye Caulker

The extra day at anchor helped to settle the captain's back. Today we had another short pleasant sail - 20 nm in east winds 14-18 knots gusting to 22. We sifted along at about 6 knots with the best speed of the day 8.9 knots. I put in a reef for practice before we went through Porto Stucko which is a shallow pass between two islands that has earned its name. We met two tugs in the pass so I was happy to have the reef in. We are now anchored at Caye Caulker and will remain here for a couple of days before moving up to San Pedro where we will clear out for Mexico. We may have a weather window early next week.

Drowned Cays

05 February 2019 | Belize
We got away just before noon today. We had waited hoping that the wind would drop a bit to make turning in the marina basin and getting out through the entrance a little easier. No such luck! We headed off in 21 knots of wind on the nose with our little engine chugging away out of the entrance channel. Our course was directly into the wind but sailing was much more comfortable than motoring out of the marina.

Allan's back is protesting from working bent over the engine for three days so we kept the day fairly light and only sailed 16 nautical miles. We are on anchor and he is resting. We may stay in place tomorrow to give him some more recovery time or keep it light. As we approached Drowned Cays to anchor this afternoon, we were greeted by a dolphin who swam out to us and supervised the operation. Just a reminder to me as to how magical this lifestyle can be.
Heading South
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