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Sailing to the Med from UK in our junk-rig 39ft boat, Paradox of Plym

Vessel Name: Paradox of Plym
Vessel Make/Model: Freedom 39 Pilothouse Schooner converted to junk
Hailing Port: Brighton
Crew: Brian and Maddy Kerslake
About: We are ex teachers and semi-retired owners of an educational software company, Topologika Software Ltd. We have been sailing for over 35 years, starting with a Mirror Dinghy in 1972 and progressing to our current yacht, a Freedom 39ft which we have converted to a junk rig.
Extra: Members of the Junk Rig Association
09 May 2019 | Yacht Puerto
16 August 2015 | Pornichet/La Baule marina
29 September 2011 | East Cowes, Isle of Wight
29 September 2011 | Isle of Wight
29 September 2011 | Weymouth
16 August 2011 | Portland Marina
13 August 2011 | Portland Marina
13 July 2011 | Portland Marina
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09 May 2019 | Yacht Puerto

Return to Blog - in Cartagena, Spain

A couple of weeks ago, our daughter suggested I get back to sailblogging. She told me to put our names into Google and lo and behold there we were. I cannot understand why I hadn't thought to look at our blog for four years and why there is just the one entry, the last one, in 2015. Complete amnesia! Since [...]

16 August 2015 | Pornichet/La Baule marina


Been in Pornichet for about two weeks now. We originally intended to stay a night or two but weather meant it became 5 days and then with weather not favourable again we decided to ask my sister to send on our post which had not been seen for over two months. She paid thirty pounds to send it which we didn't mind as it contained a power pack for my laptop amongst other quite important stuff. However after four days only one of the two parcels had arrived! Not good but patience is a virtue.

29 September 2011 | East Cowes, Isle of Wight

East Cowes Marina

We would have stayed for another night so that we could enter the Medina river on Monday when there would be less traffic, but the forecast wasn't good for anchoring, so we left around 0900, motoring on a favourable tide until we reached a point just west of Cowes where three large tankers were laid [...]

29 September 2011 | Isle of Wight

Needles Channel

Next day we set off from Studland Bay for the Fairway Buoy at the entrance to the Needles Channel, homing in on it as a GPS waypoint, but regularly monitoring progress the old fashioned way, by compass. It was a lovely sail, and a treat to tackle this famous passage into the Western Solent, with the [...]

29 September 2011 | Weymouth

In retreat!

After a lot of setbacks - mainly to do with the new rig, poor weather and my back - we gave up the idea of crossing the Channel to France, Spain or Portugal this year, and decided to retreat to the Isle of Wight, East Cowes seeming to be a good place for a 6 month winter berth. Several sailors we met [...]

Nearly finished rigging junk sails

13 July 2011 | Portland Marina
We have been in Portland Marina, a very smart new Dean and Reddyhoff marina for about nine months now. The Olympic Sailing events will take place from this marina next year. Best to get out before then, but it is taking much longer than we thought to convert our Freedom rig to junk. However, we have nearly completed the task now with the help of Robin Blain, founder of the Junk Rig Association and Chris Skanes, sailmaker. Andy and Alex have been up the mast a few times as well!
The boat is over 20 years old, and we have done a lot of refurbishment, but the blue sprayhood didn't need replacing, so we chose a lovely blue for the sails.

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