Passion for Cruising

Vessel Name: Truest Passion
Vessel Make/Model: Seawind 1160 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Southport
Crew: Stuart Simpson & Nanette Black
18 May 2012 | Mooloolaba
02 November 2011 | Mooloolaba Marina
30 October 2011 | Sandy Straits
29 October 2011 | Bundaberg
27 October 2011 | Pancake Creek
26 October 2011 | Great Keppel Island
25 October 2011 | Pearl Bay
24 October 2011 | Middle Percy Island
21 October 2011 | Mackay Marina
16 October 2011 | Mackay Marina
14 October 2011 | Goldsmith Island
13 October 2011 | Turtle Bay Whitsundays
12 October 2011 | Gloucester Passage
11 October 2011 | Bowen
10 October 2011 | Rattlesnake Island
09 October 2011 | Haycock Island
08 October 2011 | Hinchinbrook Channel
07 October 2011 | Dunk Island
06 October 2011 | Fitzroy Island
02 October 2011 | Half Moon Bay Marina
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18 May 2012 | Mooloolaba

Good News-Bad News

Hello to all our yachtie friends, it is so long again since I have posted a blog, but the moment has at last arrived that I can talk to you all.

02 November 2011 | Mooloolaba Marina


The last lap, so we left Garry’s Anchorage at 5.50am to catch the incoming tide to cross the bar. No wind at all. We started down the “mad mile” towards the bar crossing – not for the faint hearted today, it was like a washing machine, however the largest wave we saw was about 3 metres. Finally [...]

30 October 2011 | Sandy Straits

Yankee Jack Creek

Off yet again at 5.45 am, I was almost sleepwalking as the skipper did his usual, go, go, now.........

29 October 2011 | Bundaberg

Nearly Home

We had a lovely quiet day in the creek, we even played cards and Scrabble, beaten again!!!

27 October 2011 | Pancake Creek

Dawn Start

Up at 4.30am [we must be mad]! To get to Pancake Creek before tomorrow, when a S Easter is forecast, means a very long haul today. We will pass Cape Capricorn at about 10am before sailing down the outside of Curtis Island and Gladstone etc.

26 October 2011 | Great Keppel Island

Another Ripper!!

Another day, this time up at 5am and underway at 5.40am. The water is like oil, not a breath of wind. The clouds are quite heavy at present, but it is very early yet.

Still waiting

24 June 2010 | Heritage Marina
Last night we had a huge Rally Dinner on the lawn with Gamelan music and dancing by the State Troupe, very nice. (the night before we had a fabulous meal at the resort stuffing ourselves with huge oysters, prawns, green lip mussels, smoked salmon etc and finishing off with the best Tiramasu that Stuart has ever tasted!!! - all for the princely sum of about $16 per head)
Today poor Stuart had to miss the Bus Tour while he STILL waited for the mechanic. He did turn up but 5 hours later than the promised time, but they have at last found THE PROBLEM. When the engine was rebuilt after the Andaman Catastrophe, the mechanic must have left the 3 bolts retaining the idler gear on its shaft un-torqued (i.e. loose). These bolts had vibrated completely out allowing the idler gear to slide forward until it ran against the oil pump housing. Fortunately this caused only superficial damage to the pump housing inside the gearcase, but it allowed the oil to flow freely past the bush inside the gear back to the crankcase. However Stuart had a traumatic few hours between the time it was discovered that the oil pressure valve was OK until he found the loose bolts and this was then determined to be the cause of the low oil pressure. The mechanic of course does not work on Fridays but will return on Saturday to rebuild the engine using blue loctite on the offending bolts and then we will complete the reassembly and check the oil pressure is once again OK - fingers crossed.

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