Pathfinder to the Sea

... Go east older couple!

24 May 2023 | Hudson River
23 May 2023 | New York City
21 May 2023 | Jersey coast
17 May 2023 | Chesapeake Bay
15 May 2023
30 April 2023 | Charleston, SC
23 April 2023 | Beaufort, SC
14 April 2023 | Cumberland and Jekyll Islands
08 April 2023 | Florida
06 April 2023 | Gulf Stream
05 April 2023 | Powell Cay
02 April 2023 | Manjack Cay
01 April 2023 | Green Turtle Cay
29 March 2023 | Marsh Harbor
26 March 2023 | Hopetown
25 March 2023 | Little Harbor
23 March 2023 | Egg Island and Sandy Cay


24 January 2023 | Allen Cays
Susan DeSimone | East Wind - 20kts
We had another beautiful sail, close reaching at 7+ kts across the Exuma banks for many hours with a reefed main & foresail.

We dropped anchor very briefly at Highborne Cay. The boat anchored just to our starboard side was Avatar 5 which is the boat that went through the first set of locks on the Champlain Canals with Roger and Peter over three months ago.

We decided to move to Allen Cay almost immediately given the wind forecast and had a gorgeous close-hauled sail with just the headsail (6.8-7 kt, God I love this new headsail!) and dropped anchor in a narrow channel. The current was very strong, and we had our stern only about 50 feet away from some nasty looking shore but it was better protection for the forecast.

Turned out to be a rather sleepless night and we moved across to the tiny Bay created by South Allen Cay in the morning. This move was only a couple hundred yards at most- we’re talking tiny islands. This bay is out of current and much better.

We got out for our first snorkeling! There were some small bits of a few types of coral (staghorn was the only one I know) and some small fish, lots of conch shells and a few that looked inhabited. The water is so lovely to swim in. We met a few of the resident iguanas on the beach. Later we went over to Leaf Cay and met a much larger collection of Iguanas. They are clearly used to being fed by the tourists, but once they realized my phone was not food, they mostly stopped moving. We plan to spend another night or two here. It was nice not to be on the move today. Tomorrows forecasted south wind will give us another day of (mostly) R&R.
Vessel Name: Pathfinder
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 38.8
Hailing Port: Kingsland Bay, VT, USA
Crew: Roger & Susan
We met paddling whitewater kayaks. Now, after raising two wonderful adults, we are excited for the next water based phase of our lives together. [...]
Pathfinder is a Bristol 38.8, which is an excellent bluewater sailboat. Our search for an trans-oceanic boat started with a spreadsheet containing data on dozens of boats. The Bristol 38.8, and her sister vessels, were at the top of the list "by the numbers." Pathfinder has proven to be a joy to [...]
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These are photos taken on our walk out to the preserve (2 miles from the harbor) and as we explored the preserve. It is part of the Bahamanian National Trust holdings that opened 10 years ago. The paths are beautiful and it was wonderful to get into the local forest and understand a bit about the various plants that have been important in the culture and landscape here.
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This is a beautiful national park, uninhabited and so beautiful! Pictures of the beaches, ruins and sky views.
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Photos of our time in Georgetown. Hike to the monument on Stocking Iland, exploring an old Canal, ruins and a defunct resort on Crab Island and race awards.
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Pictures from Bill Bagg's and environs
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