18 May 2007 | Charlottesville, Va
11 May 2007 | Charlottesville, Va
26 April 2007 | Ponce, PR
21 April 2007 | Boqueron
19 April 2007 | Boqueron
12 April 2007 | Luperon, DR
12 April 2007 | Luperon, Dominican Republic
01 April 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
27 March 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
14 March 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
03 March 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
02 March 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
21 February 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
21 February 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
17 February 2007 | Georgetown, Exumas
13 February 2007 | Georgetown
12 February 2007 | Farmers Cay
31 January 2007 | Staniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
24 January 2007 | Wardwick Wells
23 January 2007 | Wardwick Wells


18 May 2007 | Charlottesville, Va
Sorry Sailblog, but I have built a more fun blog. I will be trying the one out so let me know what you think. SEEJOESAIL will link to the new one soon. Check it out @

Back on dry land

11 May 2007 | Charlottesville, Va
Hey Leah and I are back touring the Eastern US. Seneca is in Puerto Rico while I make a few bucks and see my family and friends.
Flew from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, Then to DC, metro to VA, My bro picked me up and we drove to NJ. Saw ALL OF MY FAMILY, took a ferry to NYC, bus to DC, train to VA and my friends picked me up to get me to Cville. Just picked up Leah from my brother's house.
Life is very good, all is well.

Ponce, PR

26 April 2007 | Ponce, PR
So I left Boqueron early in the morning and was goin to head around the south side hopefully all the way to Ponce. I love sailing away from anchor at dawn and creeping through the anchorage. It is especially nice when your new friends are popping their heads out of their hatches to wave goodbye. I had a nice sail for the first couple of hours and then as expected the tradewinds picked up and with it the seas built. I was not far offshore and it was not that bad but I decided to pull into Gilligans island early that afternoon and break the south coast up into smaller easier trips. There are great little anchorages every 20 miles or so and to be honest I am done beating myself up on the long runs right now. So a quick night at the nice anchorage of Gilligans island and then an easy 4 hour motorsail got me into Ponce by lunch. Ponce is Puerto Rico's second largest city and I was excited to explore. Everyone had been telling me that the downtown was much too far to walk from the anchorage. Well actually nowhere is TOO far to walk if you have enough time. And I have time. So my stubborn self took Leah on a nice long walk this morning and just wandered around Ponce. The walk was so long I put on socks and sneakers for the first time in 6 months It was great. I found a vet and got Leah's health cert she needs for her flight in four days! FOUR DAYS! I will be alone... Then I fly out a few days after that. I cannot wait to see my family and friends. OK back to Ponce.
It was really great to walk around a city. I love just wandering around and getting a feel fro everything. The people were all very friendly and the city had a great Spanish feel. A couple large Plazas were the center of activity. I got some italian ice and a beer and Leah drank a barrel or two of water. I really liked Ponce.
On the long walk back to the boat I stopped for more ice cream then when I got back to the boat another beer. I just snuck into the shower here at a near by marina and Leah is passed out on Seneca. So I may head to Salinas in a day or two to find Seneca a nice home while I come back to the states. Life is good.
Vessel Name: SENECA
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 28-1
Hailing Port: Fairport, Va
Crew: Joe VanDyke
About: Leah - First Mate
Extra: About to leave Charlottesville Va, my home for the last 8 years, move aboard with Leah, and sail down to the Bahamas for an unspecified amount of time. I hope to update this blog as much as possible to allow my family, friends, and adoring fans to follw me on this journey.


Who: Joe VanDyke
Port: Fairport, Va