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31 July 2008 | Deale, MD
11 November 2007 | York, PA
11 November 2007 | Harrington Harbor North
03 November 2007 | Harrinton Harbor North
29 October 2007 | Chesapeake Bay, MD

Cadenza is up for sale

31 July 2008 | Deale, MD
Hello All,
It's been a long time since I got on this site. Winter in PA was cold and long. I don't want another winter in PA. But I will live with what is dealt to me.

We do have Cadenza up for sale. Ken is sad but we are both excited about the new MaineCat which we have named LightSpeed.

I've run into a few heart problems that came up while on a cruise celebrating George Brody's 90th birthday (he's my father-in-law).

Five us were out snorkeling when I started having problems breathing and a racing heart. Water was a bit choppy and I started swallowing water. I tried to rest a bit but that put me behind the others. Because there was a woman close to my size and coloring my group thought I was right with them. I ended up having to be rescued and spent 20 hours in ICU on the ship. The vacation went downhill from there. They charged us more than $5,000 for the time in the ICU and expected us to pay it before we got off the ship. They wouldn't accept their own insurance which we had purchased for the trip.

It's been a rough time, but the latest prognosis is good! Meds, and other treatments are all being checked out. But the good news is I am finally feeling better and more energetic! Woohoo!

Hopefully I'll be reporting soon that Cadenza is sold and the new boat is on the way.

Living Vicariously

11 November 2007 | York, PA
Ever since Grayling left with Chris, Nicolle, and Celeste, I have been reading blogs on this blog website.

It makes me realize how much I miss cruising. The culture of cruising is similar to the culture in Alaska. You make friends fast, watch out for each other, give assistance when needed, have great parties. Most importantly whether you sail with another boat or two, the folks you meet even for a short time, become part of your extended families, thanks to email and cell phones.

We've met some great people along the way. Seen some wonderful sights, and had experiences that many folks who stay put will never understand.

It all makes cruising a wonderful life, albeit an ever changing life.

When we were in Nicaragua we had a wonderful thanksgiving provided by Roberto and his wife in Puesta del Sol. Who would have thought we would have turkey, cranberry sauce, and all the other trimmings. It was a truly a day of thanks.

The picture shows Robert and his wife, and one of the staff.

Cadenza is put to bed

11 November 2007 | Harrington Harbor North
Ken went to the boat this weekend. Our present boat that is. He did most of the winterizing.

I was not able to go due to some problems with my knee, escerbated by a flying chain when we had to do a flying anchor routine 3 weeks ago. So I am not able to climb around the boat for now.

We are doing some bimini canvas and main cabin bolster repair during this winter.

Ken said it was cold on the boat but the good thing is he stayed warm thanks to our little fireplace. Yes, there is a fireplace on the boat...toss 5 pieces of charcoal and wallla! A nice toasty boat!
Vessel Name: Cadenza
Vessel Make/Model: 48' sloop
Crew: Ken & Ezzie Brody with Scupper the wonderdog
About: Ken and Ezzie have sailed along the Pacific coast of Mexico and Central America.
Extra: Ezzie makes beer and wine... it all started in El Salvador when they ran into a crazy English large animal vet with stores better than James Herriot. But that's a story for a later time.
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