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Launch Day

03 June 2021 | Wolverine Park Marina
Brian Penrod
We finally are in the water as of Tuesday, June 1 2021. Our new Home Sweet Home. A bit late on posting. A lot of crap going on. Tuesday was quite hectic. Launch went with no issues. Didn't hit anything backing it out of the well and back to Wolverine. Had a bit to do on the aft bilge pump. I removed the mounting to add hole for mounting the sensor switch. Got the bilge pump mounted in there and then had to get the AC outlets working. Took all afternoon. Long story made short, I removed the inverter and associated wiring to relocate it. Ended up doing a temporary install to get the AC outlets working. Issue had to do with a separate buss bar for the neutral wire. Had a half hour conversation with an engineer for the navy to figure it out. So that was day 1. The second day I got the refrigeration and heat/AC up and running. Question I have is how the hell are we going to fit all the stuff on our boat......I think we need a bigger boat.
Vessel Name: Windward Passage
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47LRC
Crew: Brian and Mary Penrod
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These are pics taken on our trip thru the Erie Canal in 2021
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