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The Quest For A Pump Out

03 July 2021
Brian Penrod
Well, we left Erie Pa with our getting a Pump out. Bad choice. We hit Erie Basin Marina and figured we would get a pump out before heading to North Tonwanda. Nope. WATER until 8:00 AM until they were to open. No one is there. Looked like they had a coin operated pump out. Moved the boat closer so the hose would reach, gathered $10 in quarters and started to fire up the pump....nope. Special token needed. No one around. Didn't see anyone from the marina since we got there around 5:00 the previous day. Who the he'll do yard pay for the night and who can unlock the darn pump out. Off we go to Tonawanda with out paying for dockage and unfortunately a full holding tank.

On our way past Wardells, Mary asks the guy if we can get a pump it's broken. I call around the next morning I call around looking for a pump out. It's getting bad cause the tank is full. The only place we could get a pump out was Wardells. Talking to the dock master at North Tonawanda, she confirmed our suspicion that the guy that owns Wardells is a curmudgeon. She said you may have to buy fuel from him to get a pump out.

Chris and Deb Crall join us in the afternoon and the Quest was still on to empty the holding tank. You really can't make this shit up. Wardell was or only option. So Chris and I are off. We motored over and had to wait for a boat to leave. We pulled in and told a young guy we needed 100 gal of diesel and a pump out. He said I need to check with the boss about the pump out....WTF. He comes back with the fuel hose and tells me the pump out is $30....WTF. I start to pump the fuel and said to the young guy, I'm getting 100 gal of diesel and the pump out is $30. He goes over to the owner what I said.....the owner comes over and grabs the diesel pump hose and shuts it down.....WTF....I thought of it for a while and knew I was screwed. I begged the guy to talk to the owner to let me get the fuel and the $30 pump out. He came back with the hose. Stopped the fuel at 60 gal. So the $30 pump out bumped the$3.80/gal fuel cost to $4.30/gal. Didn't want to give the owner more than I had to. So on to the true quest....the pump out. So the owner comes over to help out. I thought he would just untie us and tell us to go to hell but he helps us move the boat back so the hose would reach. I get the hose attached to the deck fitting and pumped out the tank. Typically you do a few rinses od water in the tank so I ask the owner if I could do a rinse. Initially he said no but he gave in. I put some water in the tank and start to pump the water out and there is no suction. The owner said there may be TP in the check valve preventing it from getting suction. Next thing you know he is opening up the discharge valve and letting the crap go over the deck and into the water....WTF...We should have stayed at our tie up and discharged our self into the water and save $30.

So we head back to the wall we tied up to and we see Deb and Mary fending off a power boater trying to take our spot. The guy said "We are just going to be in front of you." Mary said "We take the whole spot." The guy came back with "You could have been nicer about it". I pulled the boat around to scare him away....All of this to get the crap out of our boat.....
Vessel Name: Windward Passage
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47LRC
Crew: Brian and Mary Penrod
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