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Fairport NY

18 July 2021
Brian Penrod
Well it was a rainout yesterday. It didn't stop us from doing a little exploring. Went to the farmers market. Great produce and a mixed berry pie for breakfast. Followed that up with a Bloody Mary and lunch with Tom & Sarah (Orion) at Mulconrt's ( Damn good french onion soup and Irish Poutine (poutine with corned beef). Great time with them even though he was a Badger. Couldn't say one nice thing about OSU.

Hunkered down the rest of the day. Finished the move of the inverter. I can work on the hook now. Nice bottle of wine and pressure cooker short ribs and pressure cooker local corn on the cob. Not bad corn for this early in the season. Luv the pressure cooker.

The water is still low between lock 29 and 30. They advise boats with greater than 5' draft, don't go thru. We are at 5'2". What's 2". Spoke to other's and they were seeing close to 6'. Another sailboat, Heidi and Christian on Aurora, drafted 5'9" and they were towed thru. All muck at the bottom. No hard time frame when it will be fixed. Going to empty the water tank, drop the dinghy and outboard to tow it and give it a shot. What could happen. We call Boat US for a tow. Stay posted for the results....
Vessel Name: Windward Passage
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47LRC
Crew: Brian and Mary Penrod
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