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Fairport to Newark -Our 2nd Grounding

18 July 2021
Brian Penrod
Headed toward lock 30. Radioed the lock operator we wanted Passage thru the lock. He asked how much we drafted and I replied 5'2". We waited 5 min or s. He finally opened the lock. We talked to him for a while, him stressing that he was not to let anyone thru over 5'. We would be doing this at our own risk.. We were close and finally the water went down. When the gate opened,, you could see the rush of water from the feeder coming into the canal since it rained hard the day before. I was going slow at first but I increased my speed the closer we got to the heavy flow from the feeder. When we hit the flow, my bow kicked down slightly and I revved it up to about 2,600 rpm. We went and done it..... grounded for the second time.... Is it a grounding if you plow thru. I guess it is. We slowed but kept moving. We had made it. The pucker factor subsided. A bit tense until we made it to lock 29. The water was still low between these two locks. The depth reading was at 6-7 ft. After lock 30, the water was back up to 16+. Onto Newark.
Vessel Name: Windward Passage
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47LRC
Crew: Brian and Mary Penrod
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