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12 September 2021
Brian Penrod
Lot of space between my last blog and this. Went to a beautiful church this morning, St Mary's in Annapolis. A lovely service for a Catholic church. Mary said it felt like she was watching the Lion King. The priests was Father Elias from Grenada. Extremely uplifting and inspiring. A beautiful service.

Our next stop was to Acme Bar to watch the Steelers take the game from the Buffalo Bills. Mary is just so damn happy. It wasn't pretty but a win is a win.

Spent a great day with my lovely wife. Don't get much better than this.

The Big Apple

29 August 2021
Brian Penrod
Doing some catching up here. We are currently are in Annapolis. The date really isn't 8/29. Not sure why I haven't been keeping up withe the blog. I think it's been working and traveling. Not getting much of a break. We have been in transport mode since we started. Kind of wore me down. Anyway, I'm going to update the blog with each leg of our trip.

New York, the Big Apple. Who the he'll came up with that. Had to look it up. Here ya go:

Stayed at Liberty

Haverstraw to the Big Apple

28 August 2021
Brian Penrod
More to come


27 August 2021
Brian Penrod
Nice sunrise this morning. Tomorrow morning we head off for the Big Apple 🍎🍎🍎🍎

Kingston to Ossining to Haverstraw

22 August 2021
Brian Penrod
Doing a little catch up today. We made the hop down the Hudson two days ago from Kingston to Ossining. About a 60 mile stretch. Eight hours along the Hudson. Beautiful ride down but the highlight was going by West Point. We were planning on heading down to the city but Henri came into the picture. We chose to delay the trip down out of caution. Why go into the storm with everything that you possess. The city will be waiting for us next weekend. Headed across the Hudson to Haverstraw. Got a discounted rate since we are staying a week. Going to work and finish getting the sails up before heading down to the city.

Lesson learned, the boat is not transportation.

Catskills to Kingston

18 August 2021
Brian Penrod
Mast stepped today and a 20 mile hop to Kingston
Vessel Name: Windward Passage
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