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Mary Mastering The Dinghy

07 October 2021
Brian Penrod
One of Mary's goals was to master the dinghy. She started taking it out by herself in Annapolis. Independence for both of us. This is her coming back from getting her hair cut which I must say look so beautiful.


05 October 2021
Brian Penrod
Grabbed a ball in the Solomon's. Just another morning.. Never gets old.

Annapolis to Solomon's

03 October 2021
Brian Penrod
On our way to Solomon's Island. Doing a bit of catching up on the blog.

Picture was taken just before we left. Had a great stay at or around Annapolis. Hope to make it back next summer to spend some more time in the Chesapeake. A lot more exploring to do.

Had a great day yesterday. My brother Brett and sister in law came down from Mercersburg PA to visit. Great to see them. We dinked them out to the mooring field to hang on our boat. Had a few beers and just talked. Went to out to eat at Galway Bay Irish Pub This was the second time we were there. The first was when Leon (high school friends) and his wife came down. Great food and not right in the tourist area. Love it when people come to visit for short periods of time...

Met up with Greg and Missy Thomasson. First met them when they broke down on their maiden voyage on their boat. The following year they were at the marina anchorage at Presque Isle. They helped us get a log off of our anchor rode. After that, they took off and travel to the Dominican Republic. We knew they were spending some time in Annapolis with his parents. They walked by the public docks when we were in there. After Harness Creek, we had dinner at Sailors Oyster Bar Buck a shuck. Awesome food. Must go back.

Woke up early and dropped off of the ball around 7 this morning. Very little wind on the nose. Yep. Motoring again.

7 hour voyage and we are at Zahniser's Yachting Center. Safe Harbor Marina. Great place. What the hell is wrong with Sandusky Harbor. This is is our third Safe Harbor other than Sandusky. Enjoyed our stay at all of them. Not that Sandusky is bad. The other Safe Harbor are a notch above.

Harness Creek

28 September 2021
Brian Penrod
Still here. Loving this anchorage. Moved in a bit deeper up the creek due to potential high winds. Never came but I was prepared with our new 66 lb anchor.

Harness Creek Anchorage

26 September 2021
Brian Penrod
Motor sailed down to the South River and tucked into Harness Creek on Friday. On our way down, we found ourselves in a one class sailboat race. Cool to see such an active sailing community.

Great anchorage here. Pretty protected from most winds. Broke out the kayaks and explored the creek.

Going to hang out and from here till Wednesday afternoon and head back up to Annapolis. Have dinner with Greg and Missy Thomasson.

12 September 2021
Brian Penrod
Lot of space between my last blog and this. Went to a beautiful church this morning, St Mary's in Annapolis. A lovely service for a Catholic church. Mary said it felt like she was watching the Lion King. The priests was Father Elias from Grenada. Extremely uplifting and inspiring. A beautiful service.

Our next stop was to Acme Bar to watch the Steelers take the game from the Buffalo Bills. Mary is just so damn happy. It wasn't pretty but a win is a win.

Spent a great day with my lovely wife. Don't get much better than this.
Vessel Name: Windward Passage
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47LRC
Crew: Brian and Mary Penrod
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