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Ross and Astrid's visit

03 February 2015
By Catherine
Nov. 20 to Nov 25th

Ross and Astrid’s Visit:

We are waiting at Secret Harbour Marina for Astrid and Ross from Fort Lauderdale. We had many text exchanges. At the beginning we thought that Ross was kidding when he said they were changing the batteries of the plane. Delayed, delayed some more. To make a story short they got to Picaro at 1h30 am, and we went to bed at 3am after a rum punch and some Grenada Organic Chocolate...
The weather forecast was lousy but it turned out wonderful. They were predicting gusty high winds so we made an executive decision not to go sailing and occupy them with land visits and activities. We did a Cuddy Tour, saw the Concord Falls, Levera Beach (turtle beach), Chocolate Factory, River Antoine Rum Factory, the Grand Etang and the monkeys. It’s a very informative way to learn and see Spice Island.
In the morning Astrid and I we went to yoga while the guys just hung out on Picaro. We swam and I cleaned the bottom of the dinghy and the waterline. After lunch, we decided to walk to Hog island in a trail!@#$%^&&*(). We tried to avoid some muddy waters and Ross ended up with a good poke and a bloody arm. We got some good scratches on our legs and Ross and Astrid had contact with a beautiful fluffy white flower that burns. Along the way we met tall Lynne (she/he) that was training for the Hash House Harriers and instructed us where to go. We got to Rodgers bar on Hog and wished we had brought over the VHF handheld for George to come and get us. Thanks to Ross’s whistle blowing, Johan, a kid that came to my Volleyball clinics drove by in the dinghy and brought us back to Secret Harbour Marina. We rinsed everything and got a fresh cold beer. We had a nice dinner on board Picaro, and crashed early.

It was raining in the morning. We weren’t sure about yoga but since Monica was ready we decided to do it. I was the teacher that day again. Journey, “Commotion’s” Astrid and Ross and George walked to Prickley bay Marina to show what it looked like while I went with my bicycle to CK’s and Val-U veggies for Grenada Organic Chocolate. Every store is closed on Sundays and our guests are leaving early Monday am. I wanted to return some bars for my family and Astrid wanted some gifts as well. I came back and met them there for lunch and headed back to Picaro to get ready for the Hash house Harriers near Laura’s Garden, St-David. We made some bowls from calabash. The tree gives different sizes of fruit, it has to be really hard to produce a good bowl. We had to use a saw to cut it then you empty it, rub it with lemon or lime and let it dry. You make carvings on it as well. We took Philip’s van with Marie-France and the two boys to the Hash. After all the instructions, we started to walk and let Ross run wild. He became the fastest walker and the slowest runner. Muddy trail, lots of stairs in the park, great views, different animals, a little off road walk, downhill sliding, you have to follow a shredded paper trail. We walked thru streams, gardens; there were not enough trees or branches to hang on to at times. My core muscles saved me a couple times and Astrid’s heart muscle worked really well. Ross finished the walker trail, finishing 45 minutes before us. Unfortunately for Astrid and Ross we couldn’t stay for the whole ceremony because we had dinner reservations at Taffy’s where they don’t have a menu and the place is always full. The manu was fish(mahi mahi) and chips. We got our drinks and not long after the food was served. Very delicious! We finished just in time before the rain came.
Sunday, was race day at Phare Blue Marina: Hobbie 16’s and lasers. Jonathan, Ross and Dominic signed up for the races. George is still out of commission because of his gimpy knee. On the first race one of the Hobbies broke down and what turned out to be a morning event was shaping up to be a whole day affair. So we decided to do something else and got the entry fee reimbursed and left. We wanted our guests to see Magazin Beach and swim some, and then to the beautiful Aquarium restaurant where we danced and had a drink. We ran into Goosi and Nanci in their hammock while at the beach. We had a great fun filled day and a great dinner at Prickley bay where Ross and Astrid tasted Nutmeg Ice cream.
We had so much fun I hope they did as well. In the morning, we borrowed Goosi’s car to drop them off at the airport. I saw the plane fly by later on while I was doing my shopping at Jenny’s Organic Market. See you later dear friends. We had a great time and you were wonderful guests.
The next couple days was all about just provisioning Picaro and getting ready to head North. It will be great to be on the move again and SAIL AWAY!!!!

Getting ready to leave Grenada

03 February 2015
By Catherine
November 4th to November 20th

We are finishing our projects we need to get done before we leave. We sewed some more bimini curtains so it would limit some side sprays when we sail. You know those waves that come and hit on the side well it will help. I also made something to protect my bike since I polished all the rust away I want to keep it looking like that for a while.

George got his alternator checked that died a while back. The new 60 amp charger works great, wow what a difference in the speed it charges the batteries now... a close call.. I almost burnt everything I forgot to close a switch... yikes that could have been really bad.. Sorry Cap't...

We are saying good bye or see you later to some cruiser friends. Some we will probably not cross paths again and some we will definitely see up island somewhere.

We played some volleyball. The group has shrunk quite a bit but the level of play has improved. So it's nice to see that people are making some efforts to get better for their hobby. Unfortunately, George went to save a ball and banged his knee enough to have to get out of the game. He put ice right away and he's limping. He has to be patient and give it some time. I'm still doing my yoga classes 3 times a week. I was asked to give a class. I know I can do the moves but to guide a class hum!!! Well, I was hoping that the regular teacher Angelica would do the class on Saturday. Friday, she had confirmed that she would be here.. No announcements on the net Saturday morning hum! I decided to go anyway and I picked up Monica from Journey that just arrived into Mount Hartman. When I got there we were about 7 or 8 so I did a brave thing and taught a one hour yoga class. I think I did pretty well. The hardest thing to do is flowing the moves together and remembering what you did on one side and do the same on the other and the breathing.

Since George is on the sidelines because of his knee, I went to Hash house Harriers at Dragon Bay with Marie-France and young Raphael (Reve d'Ocean). It was a mix of trails: Roads, forest, beach thru the waves, steep hill on a road, steep hill in the woods, and a little stream. They started earlier because the sun goes down earlier so we were home early too. It was nice to have our heart pumping...

Dinghy race: There were about 6 dinghies that raced. First the driver had to drink a cooooolddddd beer then jump in the dinghy. We had to go backward up to a mark, then race to the end of the bay and go around two buoys come back to the first mark, shut the engine and paddle to the dock. We did great on the backward part since I was hanging on the bow to avoid some salt water coming in over the transom. One dinghy boat plug came out, caused a collision with Goosi boy then he lost control of his dinghy and almost climbed onto Scherzo. When we got to the furtherst mark the engine stopped.. hum.!!!! Pumped the fuel line and we were on our way again but Scherzo passed us during that period. Some cruisers were watching from their vessels others were at the dock to cheer! It was a lot of fun. Emily Morgan with a 15 HP won the trophy.

George found a bike that fits him so we will be able to go around the islands on our bikes. We didn't have a chance to do it in Grenada but I see us doing it on the other islands. Since that first time I gave the yoga class, I gave another 4 classes after that. I'm getting more comfortable doing it. The kids asked me, since we were still around, for one more Volleyball Clinic. It was so nice to see that their skills improved: like ball control and being able to create a play 1-2-3... and achieve goals. I had a great time doing those clinics.

Underwater Sculptures: We had promised Nanci and Goosi for a sail to the sculptures in Moliniere. We left Friday morning and sailed most of the way to the mooring ball in Moliniere. We dinghied over and found a bunch of the sculptures: last message, the circle of kids holding hands one boy and one girl (total 14 couples), falling women, the praying person and a mask into the reef. We had a good time. The statues are about twenty to thirty feet down. George was able swim down, while I can only reach about eighteen feet. We stayed a little while resting at the mooring ball then decided to move to St-George anchorage for the night.
Some rain squalls came as we are about to have dinner, then it passed. We had a nice evening. The next morning I made some French toast for breakfast and went to say good bye to Rafiki (Robin, Ingrid, Alex and Catherine). They are going north. We also stopped at Amelie IV (Mark, Marie-Claude, Meghan and Matthew) to see their new deck work and say good bye also. They are heading West to Panama and then poins beyond, so it might be a while before we cross paths with them again. We decided to leave early, George wasn't feeling well. We motor sailed all the way back to Mount Hartman to run the engine and test the new alternator. We had a great time.

Sunday George was feeling lousy; spend most of his day in bed. The weather was rainy, a good day to be in bed. We had a break in the weather and made a run to Calivigny to get my new Spin Dryer, now named Spitty. After you hand wash your clothes it's a machine that will spin and dry your clothes at about 75%. So with the wind and the sun, now doing the laundry takes a lot less time. THAT MAKEs ME REALLY HAPPY!!!! Love my new Spitty... it works on 110V and the invertor. After the new charger, that's great to have on Picaro. I also got a Magic Bullet blender, I haven't use it yet but it's for making smoothies, callaloo cream soup, guacamole, etc... I will so some research to get recipes on line.

Hospital Visit: Well, after a rough night, I decided to bring George to the hospital. We got there thanks to our friend Goosi. I called him at 6 am for him to come and bring us. We went to the public hospital got admitted immediately. Intravenous and two shots on the butt and George was in lala land for about 4 hours. They treated him for Kidney stones. We went for an X-ray and some drugs. We took the local bus up to CK's where Goosi picked us up. George felt nauseous and I will spare you some details. I had to inform our soon to be visitors Ross and Astrid about George's condition. They are flexible in their schedule if George doesn't get better in 24 hours. Thank God it passed.


06 January 2015
By Catherine
October 29 to November 3rd.
Halloween Party: Secret Harbour Marina had a big Halloween party for the kids. Face Painting, bouncing house, trampoline, bubble machine, you could tell that the kids put a lot of thoughts into their costumes. Then we had the adult’s party. Wow the music was really good, a lot of dancing and great costumes too. I was either a carrot or Pebbles from the Flintstones.. You can be the judge for that

We said good bye to Namaste, Sandra,Carlos, Loro and Brankio…they left early in the morning. I got up on the paddle board to make sure I didn’t miss them. Carlos decided to pass by all his friends boat at 6am and screamed Namaste Namaste. Nice people from Brazil, we might see them again up the chain. We played some volleyball. A lot of cruisers are starting to leave either west toward the “ABC’s” and Cartagena and Panama. The others will stay around Grenada or move all the way up the chain up to BVI. I’m sure we will see a lot of the Grenada cruisers on the way back north. We are still in Mount Hartman on the mooring that we took while we were visiting the USA/Canada. It’s so calm here and we sleep great. We are getting antsy to get back out on the ocean and sail. I’m re-provisioning because until Martinique it’s harder to get products/proteins. There was a jumble (nautical flee market) sale, we found just a few items.

Our friends Monica and Jonathan on Journey are back from their visit to USA/Brazil. It was really nice to see them with Lucky 7, Marina and Kevin at Prickley Bay Marina . Lucky 7 are getting ready to go west towards the Panama Canal and then points beyond. Safe travels and smooth seas!!!

George found on that fantastic Cruisers net a 60 amp battery charger. He has been talking about it for a while hoping to find one at a good price. Someone had one for sale and a lot of people wanted it too. For these thing you have to be quick and get there first. First come, first serve. The price was right and my great mechanic, Cap’t George did a great install. We can see over 50 amps coming in with the little generator where before if we got 20 it was good. My Cap’t is happy.

We got a gift from our god daughter, her first painting from her Saturday morning class. She picked herself a picture to paint, a Greek landscaping and asked my little sister if she will visit Greece one day!!! And she sent us a picture of her Halloween costume too

Grenada Part 6

31 October 2014
by Catherine
October 17 to October 28

I went back to IGA for some provisions. Our guest left yesterday, we had such a great time.
Volleyball Tournament: We played the Friday night ¼ final against Sets on the beach, Saturday late day was the ½ final against Dock Rats, we lost 2-0. It was for sure our worst match of the whole tournament. The other ½ final was exciting against 3 ½ men vs Marina boys. The latter won one set against 3 ½ .. that was a surprise. We played the bronze medal final at 10:30 am. The sand was burning hot wow.. I knew it would be a different game early in the morning, but we had to put socks on to make sure we didn't have burns underneath our feet. We won pretty easily against Marina Boys. I was the referee for the final. Great rallies, good fun!!! They had the medal ceremony on the Wednesday after the final. We got two little bottles of champagne, a gift certificate for a pizza and a certificate. Matt from Perry was gone already, they left that Monday morning for Los Roques, Venezuala. After the cruisers organized a BBQ on the dock of the marina. We had a lot of laughs and good times. Rudy from Prairie Fox stole the trophy for revenge!!!!

Dinghy concert. At le Phare Bleu they organized two barges and a stage for the band/group. We got there too early and was parked/floating in the first row. You would think it's cool first row at a concert. Not so much, you have to get to the bar for the others to get their free beers, or you have someone jump in our dinghy as a dare for 100$EC (if you look on facebook page, I shared a video of it). My Cap't wasn't happy about that because we had sunglasses and camera nearby where he landed. The music was really nice, some soca (local music) and some that we knew.

Kids Clinics: I had a couple of clinics where I showed them how to dive in the sand and also what they like the most, learning to spike. I set up a table for them to stand on and work on their motion of hitting. Now I made them do 3 push ups every time they touched the net. We have to stop that with the adults as well. The little ones are trying really hard.

Sewing projects: We made some covers for our deck, the whole length of the boom. It's really pretty. We replaced the batons in the lazy pack to use them for that project, and got from another cruiser some PVC pipe for the lazy jack. Also, we are making covers for the paddle boards we have to make sure we protect ourselves and our things from the strong tropical sun.

Ukelele: I have been practicing my ukulele with Nanci ( she has a guitar). The song I'm working on is I'm yours from Jason Marz. I have to admit I'm getting much better and starting to like it a lot. Give me a month more and I will be able to show you on a little video.

Tour with Stephan Goos: On Sunday everyone is in and there is no traffic at all. The weather was overcast and couple of rain drops at time. We went to visit the west coast, George never saw it. We stopped just passed Victoria for petroglyphs. We saw Leapers hills, Les Sauteurs where the Caribs jumped the cliffs instead of getting captured. (short version). They have a beautiful cemetery with stone from the 1800's. We had a rest at Petite Anse Resort. There's a great view of Carricacou , you can hear the waves. Just gorgeous. We drank three cappuccino's and one hot chocolate. We "limed" at Levera Beach, we were alone on the beach. We ate a papaya and cookies, the boys went for a swim. We took great pictures. We found a resort at Crochu with a petting zoo. We just talked to the manager, it was very nice area. We also saw La Sagesse beach, another great place. We stopped at a fruit stand to get local produce.

Goosi Boy: George has been helping Stephan with his old swan 41. He has a lot of work to do and my Cap't has a lot of knowledge about boat and can render a lot of help. 'Reve D'Ocean' gave him old sails so they tried to put them on to see if they fit. We helped him up the mast to look at the rig. He has a lot to do. One project at a time and Stephan best quote: "everything is possible".

Dinners: We had Nanci and Stephan over for dinner. Just nice music, great company. Nanci played guitar, I played my ukulele and Goosi played his bamboo stick "Didgeridoo". It was a pretty nice combo.

Hash house Harriers: I went with Marie France at the 850th at Westerhall. The weather was beautiful. This time the trail was not muddy. It was about 3.5 km for the walkers. It was Marie France first time but didn't sign her up for it as a rookie because you get splashed by beer after your day and it's not fun for the ride bus coming back. We had some chicken and rice for dinner. Westerhall is a local rum factory with beautiful landscaping. We had to get help with lines, use a ladder, crossed a little river, saw sheep and bulls, a lot of dogs and lots of people. ( on the Facebook page you can see a little video of it)

Foods: We got fresh Mahi mahi and fresh Tuna wow.. it melted in our mouths. I will start to freeze more proteins since up island they don't have as much, except when you reach the french islands. I saw tomatoes growing so they will be back at the market soon. Not as much fruits other than mangoes are available. I 'm missing the passion fruits.

Grenada part 5. Lynn's visit!

30 October 2014
By Catherine
October 7th and 8th.

I had my little projects to take care of. I did a little sewing by refitting some pillow cases. I took two afternoons to clean all the stainless and every screw on the rub rails: One side one day and the other side the other day. It was so hot outside, I went for a swim after that. Then I cleaned the water line, and dove on the rudder to clean the fuzz off (growth from sitting in a fertile anchorage).

My baking: I made my mom California squares cake (one little portion for my captain) and some muffins for our girls night out dinner on Go Habs. The top of the cake is covered with REAL Canadian maple syrup and caramelized. It's delicious.. usually I would have had shredded coconut but I didn't have enough time. The next day, with some bananas I made some muffins. Picaro gets a little warmer because of the oven but the smell and the tummy rewards offset that part.

Girls Night out on Go Habs: Nanci invited Marie France, Sandra and myself for a spaghetti dinner. We got there at about 5h30. We took pictures, watched the full moon rise over the Mount Hartman bay. While the noodles were cooking, we took Nanci's Hawaiian style Spin Glow balls, and played with them at the bow of Go Habs. You make them turn and try to create motion and the illuminated balls the shine in the dark. You can do the butterfly, crossing your arms, on each side; you can be creative but you can't allow the balls to touch because they can wack you pretty good. Super dinner! Then we watched the photo shoot we did to promote Nanci's website "Massotherapist without frontiers". We did pretty well for amateurs (pictures and videos). We decided to do another shooting next week to improve and capture even better angles.

George was helping the boys with some projects: Installing new sails, inspecting Stephan's "new" old boat, Swan 41, 1977. We put up our jib early in the morning to avoid winds that normally would pick up during the day but it had been quiet lately, so that's why it feels so so hot.

Volleyball Tournament: The games have started. I was the referee for the match for 3 ½ men vs. the Dock Rats. Our matches start on Friday. We decided to have a 30 minute practice just to get a feel of what we can do and strategize. We will be a team to be reckoned with.

Dinghy, Drift and Drink: A bunch of yachties decided to do a 'DDD' in the bay. It was at about 6h30 at full moon rise that we gathered. We hung out just floating away and at times we had to motor the group off the shallows or away from a couple boats. We stayed out with the moon shining until 9h30. It was a lot of fun. Illusions, Slow Waltz, Notre Vie, Wild Card , Captiva, Wynony River.. Iza and ?.. don't remember the name of all the boats. Doug was making bloody Ceasar's, appetizers where passed along, Dustin had music! Great moment.

October 9th to October 16.

We have a very dear friend Lynn Kunkel from Fort Lauderdale coming to visit for a few days. I got some groceries, organized her room, did some laundry especially the towels and hung everything out to dry at the front of the dodger. The volleyball tournament was on so I got referee duty.
Friday, we played one match against Marina Boys and won 3-0. Then we went back to clean up for the wedding Party in honor of Dustin and Courtney on Captiva. We had dinner at Secret Harbour marina and then danced a lot. The music was great. Lynn arrived from the airport at about 9:15pm just in time to start her vacation with an awesome party. Upon arrival she jumped right onto the dance floor and we all danced to celebrate.

Next morning we went for a kayak ride on that flat smooth water. We kayaked all the way to see Hog island just around the corner. We stopped to check on Mark on Cavu to make sure he was doing ok. He still has some leftover Chikengunya virus transmitted by mosquitos. We swam in the afternoon then went to Dunbar, St-David for the Hash house Harriers. It was a very muddy treck, up and down hills. Some people were falling on their butts or losing their shoes in the mud. We went thru a little spring, Lynn decided to just walk thru it, I decided to walk over rocks. The runners were in the same trails for a while so that made the walkers a little exasperated. They ran out of food so we settled for a nice vegetable dog from a local family that sold it from their pick up truck and some sweet watermelon from a nearby grower. That was just perfect. Our running shoes were caked in mud.
The day following the hash we went to Concord Waterfall with Gossi Boy "Stephan" and Nanci. It was about a 20 minute hike to Concord falls. You can see a little one by the parking lot and you can hike an extra 1h20 min after Concord to see another one. The trail was muddy again but not nearly as bad as the day before. We crossed a stream many time, I was still trying to keep my shoes sort of dry but Lynn pretty much walked right thru the stream crossings. It was a beautiful, stretch of tropical forest and rows of banana trees. We showed Lynn nutmeg trees, mango trees, coco trees. I took a big fruit for Lynn to try the coco seed before it becomes chocolate. We saw some fresh herb gardens. George slipped on a rock and scratched off the skin of his shin, pretty bruised too. He took antibiotic to help with the healing when he got back. We were able to go for a swim at the bottom of the falls, the water was fresh but it felt so good. The hike down was easier. Then a downpour came, got to the car in perfect timing. We drove back to St-George looking for a lunch spot and found the Tropicana restaurant for lunch. After lunch we went to Magazin beach near the Aquarium restaurant. Great beach, nice cool swim then Lynn got a local rum punch at the Aquarium bar; it was too strong for me. The volleyball tournament was still happening when we got back, so we watched some matches then went back to Picaro for dinner. Fresh Yellow fin tuna was on the menu. We took a nice shower and put our shoes out to dry and for George take the hard brush to it. A piece of my sole came unglued so George had to glue (5200'd) it back together.

Next morning Lynn did yoga for the first time, and was there when Jenny Organic came after the yoga. We saw all the cruisers rushing to get some veggies and fruits provisions. Later in the day, she played volleyball with the group. She did very well. We read our books, Lynn listened to hers. Lynn started to have some cooties.. runny nose!!! We swam again it's been really hot. We went to Slow Waltz, a gozzard 37 that looks like Lynn and Jeff Endeavor. We spend the happy hour with them and walked over to Prickley bay for pizza night and nutmeg ice cream. The next day we took it really easy, we had our match for the volleyball tournament and Lynn was still a little under the weather. . I prepared a nice eggplant Parmesan for dinner. We took naps and went swimming!!!

Lynn's last day, we went shopping to show her where we go for food, and provisioning. She got a lot of local products like spices, chocolate, a painting and jewelry. I was able to prepare and send, with Lynn, a special package for my mom LILI. Time with our friend went so fast. Stephan, drove us to the airport early for Lynn's flight back to Miami. Lynn was a wonderful guest and we enjoyed her company very much. We had a great time and will miss her!!!

Many huggs and kisses Lynn.

Grenada Part 4

25 October 2014
By Catherine
October 1st to October 6th
From Wednesday to Saturday, we got some pretty nasty weather moments. Some major squalls reaching 48 knots at
​times. In our little bay we clocked 35 knots. We were able to fill up our water tanks so that's always a good thing. It woke us up a few time​s during the nights. So you could tell that the fellow yachties were tired in the morning. A lot of nap​s​ were taken in the afternoon, the whole anchorage got quiet. So I spen​t​ a few days on Picaro, doing some daily shores, reading, baking even if the​ salon​ got hot. Between squalls George did some bike riding to some stores, budget marine, IGA. It's good exercise with some hills. I polished all the stainless and took out all the rust spots on my new ​bike. ​Ju​st one more thing to take care of. I can't wait to find one for George. We will be able to visit the island that way too.

We signed up for a Volleyball tournament: 4
​person​ team​s​, two pools. It will be played over a period of two weeks. I will let you know the results. Our team name: P (Perry) R O (Reve d'Ocean) P (Picaro). Team PROP​...very fitting. Matt, Dominic, George and Cat makes the team.

We also
​had a table at the Jumbo Sale flea Market. We sold our two kayaks since we brought back ​two new inflatable paddle boards that you can ​use as a kayak​s as well. So, my Bud Light ​'​sit on top​'​ Kayak has a new home with little kids, and George sold his yellow kayak to Stephan​ a​ German guy. I had a flo​a​ting mattress that I thought I would use and I didn't​ which we also sold to our friends from Tavarisch ​who ​got it for D​esi​ the dog as a swim platform to get into the dinghy when the dog swim​s​. We were really happy to get some space back in Picaro.

We inflated the second board and went for a kayak ride around Mount Hartman. It was really nice! George made a "splashing" entrance as his board flipped. I couldn't stop laughing. He looked like a cat trying to get out of the water asap. We roamed near the Mangroves, saw little fish jump and beautiful birds waiting for dinner. I'm happy to inform that George is still doing the yoga classes. I was on the side line for ten days. I twisted my left knee at yoga and I couldn't get the swelling down and it was
​very ​tight​. The last few days, I was swimming a lot and It helped, it's much looser now. I gave the kids a volleyball clinic. We worked this week on serves, service reception, and making plays. I feel like the Physical Education Teacher for the home school​ed​ kids. We had a major rain fall and gusty winds but it passed ​so ​we continued. I had eight kids this time.

I went to the Marche​ (groceries)​ at IGA on the Friday bus. It was really busy. The store wasn't stocked up as normally or they were late putting it out. So you learn to make do with what they have. Junior and Organic Jenny were there to sell us some ORGANIC produce. I know it's organic because I found a worm in a little corn. I ordered special lime/ginger juices and this week we are trying the new flavor of the week, golden apple and sour sop (it kills cancer​..look it up​)

We had a get together on Picaro with Go Habs, Reve D'Ocean and Namaste. We had a great time and the weather stayed dry too Nice camaraderie, and a nice moon as a back ground, great music and food. We were thinking of Gege that's visiting
​in ​Montreal right now. Our friend Mark from Cavu came back Saturday night​ from his visit to California​, so we invited ​him ​over for dinner on Sunday since he didn't have any ​fresh ​solid protein on board. It was nice to catch up too.

We did a photo shoot for our friend Nanci. She's a 'massotherapist' on board. She give
​s​ massages on the bow of her boat and she wants to update her webpage with new pictures and videos. Marie France and myself were the photographers and I was the go pro filmmaker. We will see the results at a girl​s​ night dinner on Go Habs.
Vessel Name: Picaro
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 473
Hailing Port: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Crew: George and Catherine Pyrpiris
About: Catherine's a Golf Pro, George is a Produce broker and a Realtor. Just turning the page.
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Blue Ocean on Picaro

Who: George and Catherine Pyrpiris
Port: Fort Lauderdale, FL