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Ever dreamed of running away, jumping on a sailing boat and see where you land up?.......we have, and we have done just that.

21 January 2014 | corfu
21 January 2014 | corfu
13 June 2013 | Port Di Roma
07 June 2013 | Sardinia
02 June 2013 | Corsica
01 June 2013 | Toulon
09 April 2013 | Toulon
04 April 2013 | Toulon
07 March 2013
20 February 2013
20 February 2013
21 January 2013 | Peterborough
17 January 2013 | Conington
13 January 2013 | Toulon
23 December 2012 | Rapallo
23 December 2012 | Puerto Venere

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20 May 2014
Using Facebook, so follow us on www.facebook.com/pickledpiratesinparadise. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Heading for the Caribbean

21 January 2014 | corfu
Leaving Corfu in April and making our way Dow to the Canary Islands. Need to be there for November as we are signed up with the ARC to go to the Caribbean. Hoping to hear from anyone doing the same trip or have done the trip. Looking forward to hearing any advice or tips along the way.

Heading for the Caribbean

21 January 2014 | corfu
Leaving Corfu in April and making our way Dow to the Canary Islands. Need to be there for November as we are signed up with the ARC to go to the Caribbean. Hoping to hear from anyone doing the same trip or have done the trip. Looking forward to hearing any advice or tips along the way.


13 June 2013 | Port Di Roma
Made it to Port Di Roma, went up the River and was not impressed with the moorings there. Felt like we were entering a third world country. Came back out and went into Port Di Roma marina, a lot more what we are used to with a stern to wharf, instead of rafting all the yachts along side of each other and having to clamber over everyone else's yacht to get ashore. Working our way down to greece.

Getting browner by the day

07 June 2013 | Sardinia
Worked our way down the west coast of Corsica and by far the biggest attraction on that side of Corsica has to be Bonefacio. The rest was very much the same with only a few bays to stop in. Bonefacio was lovely, with all the houses high on the hill over looking the marina. We then moved down to Sardinia to Santa Theresa where we dropped off Dale & Elaine, who were going on to Alghero to explore the old town and Neptunes Grotto. We have made our way round to Madalena Island and today going to explore the expensive delights of Porto Cervo. Do some shoulder rubbing with the rich & famous. Then making our way back to Corsica tomorrow.

A little warmer

02 June 2013 | Corsica
Arrives in Corsica about 1pm, Sailed through the night, not too rough though a little cold. We have friends Dale & Elaine on board and Dale helped Richard with the night watch. Anchored for a few hours in Calvin and we are now moving down to Ajaccio to hopefully anchor in a bay there. It is definitely a little warmer so hoping summer is about to arrive. Some useless info Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio.
Vessel Name: WHY NOT
Vessel Make/Model: Sun Odyssey 45.2
Hailing Port: UK
Crew: Richard & Tracey
We have bought a Sun Odyssey 45.2 and is called Why Not. Richard is going to be Captain, (with my permission) and I am going to be cook,navigator and chief bottle washer. So if we get lost, it will be my fault and I will have to walk the plank, especially now that he thinks he is Jack Sparrow. [...]
Extra: Hoping to hear from anyone who is experiencing a similar adventure or just interested in following our blog.
WHY NOT's Photos - Main
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Boxing Day, the hunt in Stilton.
Hunt in Stilton.
Enjoying Boxing day in Stilton.
February, catching up with Jackson before heading to Valencia.
Skiing in Vail America, Jan 2012 with Jane & Melvyn.
Proud grandparents.
On the way down to the boat we went through Andorra.
Back on board in Valencia.
Eik the USA armour carrier, we were blown away with this vessel and were amazed to learn that it has a staff of just short of 5000 personell
Majorca, eating again.
Steff & Jack enjoying sundown on Why Not.
Majorca, another Bay, on the west coast of Majorca, Poller.
Majorca, pretty bays, we really enjoyed Majorca.
This proved a popular past time in Spain, we fancied giving it ago, so Richard bought one at the boat show, unfortunately it came with out the dog. :(
Why Not, sitting in the bay. Italy
Enjoying sailing on Why Not.
Cayley taking the Helm.
Cayley enjoying the pulpit in Majorca.
Sailing from Menorca to Sardinia, Tuna for dinner.
Another meal thanks to Cap
Richard, trying out his boat swing.
Cayley being as elegant as usual.
Sunset in Majorca.
We celebrated quite a bit arriving in Sardinia lol
Sardinia, Neptune
Snorkelling near Alghero, Sardinia
Why Not, Sardinia.
Majorca, come Cap
Getting ready to go back to the UK for fishing. Alghero, Sardinia.
Richard, Cayley & I had a lovely day at Henley Regatta, Champers anyone?!
One of the many different sorts of craft we see in our travels
Island of Elba
Piza, had a lovely day saying goodbye to Tiggy & Tina and having a day of sight seeing.
Tiggy, Tina & I in front of Pisa
Piza, enjoying a beer at half time.
View over Port Venere, Italy.
Port Venere, view from the church.
In the Church in Port Venere, this is such a lovely Island, definitely worth a visit.
In Port Venere, Richard getting stuck in to some freshly caught fish.
As you can see I was very impressed with this island, Port Venere again.
Port Venere
Starting to get a bit chilly.
A bit of competition.....sailing to Antibes
Sunset in Valencia.
Another sunset, Sardinia.
The view from our boat in Toulon (winter)
Catching up with Richard
Richard, Cayley & I celebrating getting to Sardinia after sailing for 200 miles.
Richard & Tiggy trying to catch dinner.
Decks scrubbed up well.
Enjoying the sun in the pulpit
Richard & Elaine relaxing after a hard day sailing.
Dale inspecting the sail.
Elaine at the helm.
Richard & Dale relaxing.
Photos of Barcelona on our way to Valencia.
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Created 20 May 2013
Some of the many photos & video clips, taken while sailing the Mediterranean.
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Created 13 January 2013
Richard made a swing for us on the boat. It was great fun.
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Created 25 August 2012
Neptunes Grotto.
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Created 25 August 2012
Sailing with Cayley.
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Created 25 August 2012
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Created 24 July 2012
Moving around Majorca
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Created 24 July 2012
Drifting around Mallorca
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Created 10 July 2012
Spent a day at the Royal Norfolk Show & Henley Royal Regatta with my daughter Cayley.
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Created 1 July 2012
Enjoying Ibiza
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Created 11 June 2012
Visiting Kate & Sven & Baby Lola on the way down to Valencia
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Created 15 May 2012
Starting to buy all the goodies for a nice long summer. Air bottles, buddy jackets & not to mention a few cases of wine! It's thirsty work this yachting!
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Created 12 March 2012
A very busy year!
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Created 22 January 2012
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Created 12 July 2011
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Created 21 June 2011
Sailing with Dale & Elaine.
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Created 12 June 2011
Packing to come out to Vilamoura, every space needed, including my footwell!
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Created 12 June 2011
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Created 7 February 2011

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