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Nap Time!

30 January 2019
Yesterday morning we were treated to an awesome sight. It was a peaceful, quiet morning at Ensenada Carrizal; we were the only boat there.

Looking out of the cove, we realized we had visitors coming in. Mama Humpback with baby humpy closeby. They took their time as they came closer to Pinocchio, about 150 feet off port. Mama must have felt very comfortable with Pinocchio's hull being so close...

Mama would take two or three breaths, then dive below in about 35-40 feet of water for 4-5 minutes at a time, providing, what looked like to us, a napping surface for baby. Baby just floated on top of mama, blowing bubbles and blowing little water spouts.

Baby would dive down to give mama a break. Mama would then surface, take a couple breaths and dive again. This nap routine went on for almost 45 minutes.

Ensenada Carrizal is not only a serene place to anchor and see marine life at its best, it's most likely rated in "Humpbacks Cruising Guide" as a 5-star rest stop.

Vessel Name: Pinocchio
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Frers 33
Hailing Port: Woodacre, California
Crew: David Pressley and Susan Micheletti
About: David, Skipper; Susan, First Mate (soon to be skipper...shhh mutiny!)
Pinocchio was built entirely of Spanish cedar in Brazil and launched in 1991. A stout yet light West System cold-molded custom boat built to a German Frers design, with a LOA of 33.5 feet, beam of 11.5 feet and 6’ draft. Pinocchio’s build and history includes many days’ labor of love and [...]
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