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13 March 2019
Susan Micheletti
...on Adventures of Two By Sea

David and I can't believe five months have gone by since we left San Francisco Bay on October 10. I would like to begin this blog with a quote from our sailing friends, Margo and Robert, SV Nomad, of Richmond Yacht Club:

"We will join a small, exclusive group of people, mentally ill, who feel for some reason unbeknownst to anyone, that by getting on a small boat the size of a jail cell, heading out into the most inhospitable place on earth, they will enjoy themselves!?" ...Margo

Our little space has become "home" and we've forgotten how life on land works...flush toilets, pressurized water, a bed you might fall off if you roll over too far, driving a car, and doing chores on firm ground.

Reflecting back on our adventure so far...

We've travelled about 2,500 nautical miles to date, with Manzanillo being our southernmost destination; Our days and evenings at sea have been glorious under sail; and long and tedious under power. The many whale, dolphin, turtle, and seabird visits provided us joy and entertainment along the way.

The long passages, especially at night, marked time for us. However, at anchor or in marinas, we were clueless as to day, date, and time. Most of our night passages went smoothly, however, seasickness had it's way with me on 2 overnights. A few things broke along the way, but thanks to "Macgyver" David, all is fixed and working...fingers crossed.

Highlights on land have been many... meeting the friendly, gracious people of Mexico, visiting laid-back coastal towns each with their own personality and vibe, enjoying the tasty ceviche and cold cervesas at palapas on the playas, part-taking in the holiday festivities at lively Puerto Vallarta, and embracing the Mexican culture, art and music. The list goes on...

Meeting cruisers from other parts of the world has been both enlightening and inspirational. Marinas and anchorages are a well-spring of cruising knowledge, experience, and fun tales.

We had a fun time participating in the Banderas Bay Regatta, with our RYC sailing friends, John and Diane, Tabu Soro. Pinocchio’s great crew and teamwork landed us Third Place in our Class.

Our most memorable and favorite place so far was Ensenada Carrizal, about 20 nautical miles south of Barra de Navidad. Carrizal is a small anchorage just inside the point. It provides good protection, but great offshore views. We enjoyed seeing cargo ships, frieghters, sailboats, power boats heading north or south, to their next destination. Carrizal is a beautiful anchorage, with steep cliffs, no civilization or town in sight, just the few other boats at anchorage. Snorkeling here was the best we've seen in Mexico so far. We had the delight of seeing a Manta Ray with at least a 10 foot wingspan. It was here in Carrizal that the mama and baby humpy came in for an hour's rest right along side Pinocchio! It was so beautiful to watch mama humpy gently dive and provide a rest platform for baby humpy.

Being together for 5 months on a small boat has had it's joys, laughs, a few scares, and trials. Sharing an adventure like this with someone you love has made wonderful memories and stories. Though at times we've each considered mutiny or throwing our mate overboard, in the end, it has been worth it!

We soon fly home to our "treehouse" in Woodacre, California for a two-week stay, and then return to Pinocchio in Puerto Vallarta and continue our Aventure of Two By Sea.

Vessel Name: Pinocchio
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Frers 33
Hailing Port: Woodacre, California
Crew: David Pressley and Susan Micheletti
About: David, Skipper; Susan, First Mate (soon to be skipper...shhh mutiny!)
Pinocchio was built entirely of Spanish cedar in Brazil and launched in 1991. A stout yet light West System cold-molded custom boat built to a German Frers design, with a LOA of 33.5 feet, beam of 11.5 feet and 6’ draft. Pinocchio’s build and history includes many days’ labor of love and [...]
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