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Lazy in La Paz

19 April 2019
Susan Micheletti
Tuesday, April 16
Our 55 nm north to La Paz provided a great day for sailing on a close reach most of the way. It was David's birthday and he was in his element at the helm, making way nicely. We seemed to have current in our favor so we just blasted along. We caught a fish on the line early morning. This time I had our handy, but little used fish identifier guide nearby to avoid Instagram humiliation again. A few weeks back, I had boasted on IG about a fish we caught and mistook for a yellow tail, turned out it was a carvelle Jack (trash fish). Arghh! This time we caught a skipjack, which appeared very happy to be returned to the Sea.

To make up for our disappointing catch, I went below to whip up an apple crisp for David's birthday. Those who know me, know I'm not a baker; but I do make a mean apple crisp even without an oven on the boat! What I have is a Omnia Stove Top Oven, made in Sweden. It's like a bundt pan, but with a stainless steel heating plate on the bottom and a lid to cover. Somehow the heat from our propane stove is diffused up the funnel and all around which makes for a great little oven. I've roasted chicken, potatoes, in the stainless bundt, and add the silicone liner for baking. Turns out I had just the needed ingredients to make the apple crisp.

We arrived in Marina La Paz early evening. Later, we enjoyed a nice, quiet birthday dinner of rib-eye steak, grilled veggies, rice, and, of course, Apple Crisp. Yum...Life affirming!

When we first arrived, our slip neighbor was asleep in the cockpit of his Erickson, covered head to toe by a sleeping bag and a towel over his face, he appeared to be a lump on the boat. Was he even breathing? Alive? We didn't know what to make of him. The next day we met him and his boat mate. Two Russian guys working in America. To quote them "We do what Russians do on code and disrupt elections!" From that moment on we took a liking to these two characters. They sleep during the day and code at night. One Russian calls California his home and the other Canada. We meet such interesting people along the way.

It was great to have a visit Wednesday afternoon from our dear California friends, Lisa and Mike, who were on their way to Los Barilles in their new and tricked out camper-van. We enjoyed a tasty dinner with margaritas at nearby Rancho Viejo.

Marina La Paz is centrally located to shops, restaurants, the cathedral, and town Centro, The Malecón here is dotted with beautiful bronze sculptures of abstract,mystical, and whimsical art. There was even a sculpture honoring David on his 70th birthday..."el Viejo y el mar", pictured here in this post.

As we strolled along Wednesday evening, groups of families and friends on holiday celebrating Semana Santa (Easter Week) added to the lively Malecón scene of music, laughter, skateboarders, rollerbladers and low-riding tricycle goers.

On board Pinocchio in quiet Marina La Paz, we "assume" our requisite daily positions of rest and relaxation coupled with a good book...perfect! Thursday: repeat. Friday: repeat. Lazy days pretty much sum up our time so far in La Paz.

Tomorrow we adventure by bus to visit Lisa and Mike at their home in Los Barilles. Next week, we head over to the islands of Espiritu Santo and Partida with our good friend Carlo on board. Anticipating full days of swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and SUPing at the islands, I'm taking a nap now just thinking about it! Hasta Luego!
Vessel Name: Pinocchio
Vessel Make/Model: Custom Frers 33
Hailing Port: Woodacre, California
Crew: David Pressley and Susan Micheletti
About: David, Skipper; Susan, First Mate (soon to be skipper...shhh mutiny!)
Pinocchio was built entirely of Spanish cedar in Brazil and launched in 1991. A stout yet light West System cold-molded custom boat built to a German Frers design, with a LOA of 33.5 feet, beam of 11.5 feet and 6’ draft. Pinocchio’s build and history includes many days’ labor of love and [...]
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