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05 October 2013 | Mallorca now enroute to Valencia
11 August 2013 | South West Sardinian Coast
23 July 2013 | Calasetta
13 July 2013 | Cagliari
01 July 2013 | Sardinia to Corsica and back to the Maddalenas
13 June 2013 | Golfo di Cugnana, Maddalenas
07 June 2013 | Porte Conte, Northern Sardinia, Italy
25 November 2012 | Cagliari, Sardinia
11 October 2012 | from Greece to Mallorca
20 September 2012 | Gulf of Messinia
17 September 2012 | Kalamata around to Pilos and back
17 September 2012 | bottom of the Peloponese
27 August 2012 | Leonidhion, Kiparissi, Ieraka and Momevasia, Peloponese
20 August 2012 | Kea, Epidaurus, Poros, Ydra, Dhokos and Navplion
08 August 2012 | Karistos
26 July 2012 | Limni
07 July 2012 | Halkidiki to the Sporades
30 June 2012 | From Lesbos to Limnos to Halkidiki
14 June 2012 | mitilini
07 June 2012 | samos to ikaria to chios to lesbos

Pauline and Wilon below Cabrera Castle

05 October 2013 | Mallorca now enroute to Valencia
Paul and Emma’s wedding in the UK in August was really lovely.
Back in Sard It felt really strange leaving this time, and after a fairly lively 30 hour crossing we were delighted to be invited to dinner by Jane and Russell and their guests on Ta-b in Mahon Harbour. Annoying that the powers that be are starting to charge to anchor there but hey it’s not expensive.
Back to Mallorca and decamp with Jane and Tricky for some BBQs at Estrellitas. Then a quick weekend home to Lucy and Ian’s wedding and a surprise day sail with them on their mini-moon to the amazing Cas Xorc. Swiftly followed by a week of some enthusiastic sailing; some swimming keepy-up; some rocky anchorages!! Some gin and sangria; some dan overboard; and lots of SAT badges (Sand awareness training); RAT (rock avoidance techniques) knot badges etc with Sian & Martin and Pauline & Guy from Cala Portals to Sant Jordi, Cabrera, Palma Nova, Dragonera, San Telmo and Santa Ponsa.
Now we are west bound en route to our winter boat home of Valencia (120 miles away) and looking forward to lots of visitors in Puigpunyent...

Frightening the fishes

11 August 2013 | South West Sardinian Coast
Back in our home from home, Cagliari. The last few weeks have been hot and a mixture of no wind or loads.

Mostly enjoying lovely anchorages such as Guidi and Calletta on Carloforte. We loved Carloforte town with its balconied pastel coloured houses from Ligurian origination. Stingrays, flat fish and dolphins and more anchorages especially the stunning Zafferano Bay.(beautiful sand and mastic landscape, although not much to explore ashore unless you are undeterred by a military unexploded bombs sign) At sunset you can see why its called Saffron bay.
Took some pics but they don’t do it justice so thought Martyns bottom would suffice. Takes ones mind off the sunset a bit...Im not sure whether he is becoming a surrogate German or Italian.. He say "Al Hora" every sentence!!!

Only facilities along this stretch of coast seem to be campsite shops but hey...

School Reunion & Stags

23 July 2013 | Calasetta
hot hot hot
Martyn, Louis and Paul had a great time on Paul’s stag weekend by all accounts, so now we are aimlessly sailing along the coast of Sardinia with no particular agenda... takes a bit of getting used to but also good to not be in a rush to see places.

We anchored off at Pula and Nora (Roman town worth a visit but we’ve been twice) then on to Malfatano with three lovely bays to anchor in. We met up with Jacqueline and Robbie, acquaintances through working on the Hamble and it turns out Jax and I were in the same year at Fareham Grammar School... Wot a small world!! So we hung out for a few days which was lovely especially as there was a fierce easterly making us try all three bays out. A rolly and hot (even at sea!) sail to Calasetta on the Island of St Antioco..


13 July 2013 | Cagliari

Have probably said it before, so sorry, but the East coast of Sardinia is really beautiful. Not many great anchorages in the middle and one marina more expensive than the others at Calletta, but it does have an amazing long empty sandy beach with sand dunes and kite surfers and a stunning mountainous backdrop.
Its been fun to revisit places in the summer like Arbatax and Porto Corallo instead of late autumn as before and also we have bumped into a few ex marmaris... Chris and Lois and then the lovely Mario and Lilliane. Good anchorages around the tip of south east sard. Two solitary dolphin viewings and no fish.
Martyn is back in the UK now. He is a new grandpa to our new Canadian contingent...the lovely Rowan.
I’m enjoying running along the Salinas, very early in the morning cos of the heat... (Although I did see a water rat the size of a dog this morning) and watching the squadrons of very pink flaming mingoes flying backwards and forwards to roost in the Salinas... How do they keep their heads up.

Rock hopping with Grant & Olivia

01 July 2013 | Sardinia to Corsica and back to the Maddalenas
Gently cruised along the Costa Smeralda from the Gulf of Arzachena with white sand beach and individual rock formations (all seemed to look like dinosaurs or body parts) to Porto Palma on the Island of Caprera; Porto Pollo and then over to Bonifacio on Corsica. Precarious cliff top town where we stayed for two nights cos it was fab. Back to La Maddalena on the Archipelagos to sit out a big wind. Hired the only hire car and visited Garibaldi’s house and tomb (def worth it) Anchored back in Porto Palma where they tried to charge us to anchor, but in our own indomitable style we avoided paying.

Good news is clever Marty fixed the freezer; we got another three meals out of the tuna; we swapped some anodes on the hull despite a scuba mal-function; Grant is a wonderful cook and Olivia didn’t let me wash up once (model guests) Lastly anchored in Porto Cervo , playground of the rich and famous. Home to superyachts and purportedly the most expensive marina in the Med. We were very disappointed going ashore until we realised we were on the wrong side... the side with all the bugattis and the Harrods, Prada, Versace, Gucci stores..Doh.
Lots of fun and games with monoculared Grant and bruised Olivia; got chased by cowes on a beach at night; enough nudity to be mistaken for a german boat and there were tears upon departure...

Back in Olbia harbour we met up with Les and helped Lynn free her fouled anchor and now we are heading off south towards Cagliari. Have finally found some wonderful food and wine in Sardinia... Hurrah.

News from home. On Martyn’s side Karen got a new job; Alex got engaged to the lovely Ian; Hannah is receiving accolades as theatre workshop production manager; Andrew has just finished his degree and is expecting their first baby with Tess at any moment (I'm knitting from a french knittiing pattern!!) and PJ has just got finished his second degree and Martyn is zooming home to go to his stag weekend with Louis in a few weeks. Then we are both heading home for PJ and Emma’s wedding. Which we are all really looking forward to. On my side Louis did really well in his Masters exam and now has to complete his dissertation and he is working hard as a labourer at the same time... So all good with the Pleiades world.

Wonderful cruising grounds

13 June 2013 | Golfo di Cugnana, Maddalenas
Heading North from Algherro past the 150m high chalk cliff of Capo Caccia it was grey but flat calm, but soon turned to rain and 25 knots on the nose. Not used to that nonsense we were slightly concerned as our journey through the shallow Fornelli Passage which we had done previously was not for the faint hearted. Luckily at Capo Falcone we turned into the Lee of the Marine Reserve Isola Asinara and all was calm and the sun shone once more. Overnight at Stintino a sweet little town with two small harbours and a fleet of traditional well kept dhow yachts. Would like to come back to explore more.....

Next stop Castelsardo also pretty with a castle and belfry on a hilly promontory (including basket weaving museum) Stayed for a very pleasant three nights waiting for a blow to pass through. We didn't fancy the Bonifacio Straits in rough weather... But as it happens we motored through in flat calm and after a nights anchor in the sheltered inlet of Port Pozzo we turned the corner into the gorgeous Maddalenas... The land of Superyachts; manicured lawns edging the sea; picturesque islands and dramatic rocks and countryside.

Now planning a bit of a scurryfunge before picking up Grant and Olivia in Olbia.
Bad News is the freezer has packed up and we have to cook and eat all our tuna atm. Plus I got the fishing tackle caught on a buoy and had to cut loose our lucky lure
Vessel Name: Pleiades
Vessel Make/Model: Bowman Talisman 50
Hailing Port: Southampton
Crew: Martyn & Linda Jenkins
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