Helios Aweigh

Sailing in the Salish Sea of Washington and British Columbia

21 July 2018 | North Harbor Diesel
13 July 2018 | Des Moines Marina
10 June 2018 | North Tacoma
29 July 2016 | Turtle Bay, Inner Broken Islands group, Barkley Sound, British Columbia
04 January 2016 | Wollochet Bay outstation
12 October 2015 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
26 March 2015 | Tacoma
09 August 2014 | Pender Harbour
30 June 2014 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
22 June 2014 | Tacoma
16 June 2014 | Public dock Gig Harbor
11 June 2014 | Tacoma & Bainbridge Island
11 June 2014 | Breakwater Marina
20 April 2014 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
08 April 2014 | Poulsbo
07 April 2014 | Poulsbo, WA
29 March 2014 | Tacoma, WA

Spring Break Cont'd

08 April 2014 | Poulsbo
Bruce 65* no wind
The boys were up a little before 10, with the offer to go to Sluys and what did I want. I bought they walked. I had a couple of small cinnamon rolls, while they had large chocolate covered donuts, saving the maple bar like, (shape of gingerbread man), for later. They decided to walk to the Wal-Mart, which was 1.8 miles, and I suggested Poulsbo Village, showing them a list of stores from the Kitsap County handout we had on board. It was only 0.5 uphill walk, and they returned with a small football and a couple of racket balls, and then headed to the park. While they were gone, I showered and then cleaned up the galley, after washing the dishes, cups & glasses. The pump that supplies the raw water to the heat pump for the heat/cooling system is not working, so another project added to the list. They headed back to the park by the marina, while I took a walk along Front Street. I checked out the menu at Hare & Hounds, and thought this would be a good choice for dinner, with 5 types of Mac & Cheese for Paxton and various burgers & sandwiches for Vern and me. It was starting to rain so we made our way back to Helios. They were on their iphones and ipads while I watched some shows. We headed up for dinner around 5. The restaurant has an English sports theme with various soccer scarves on the walls. We had dinner and stopped at the same ice cream store on the way back for desert. We watched an episode of Hawaii 50, and the boys headed to their stateroom to Skype with the girls in San Antonio, while I watched Predator and a couple episodes of Numb3rs.
I slept in and didn't get up until 7:30. I made coffee and got on the computer to look at a vacation home that Linda had sent in Costa Rica for next year's Spring Break. The boys started moving a little after 9. They made another trip to Sluy's Bakery and we talked about heading home. There was no wind so we didn't take the sail covers off, and pulled out of the marina around 11. It was a 4 ½ motor back to Breakwater. The boys helped straighten things up after we docked, and we were home by 4:30.
Vessel Name: Helios
Vessel Make/Model: 2008 Manta MkIV 42' catamaran
Hailing Port: Tacoma, WA
Crew: Bruce & Linda Kilen
About: We were born and raised in the State of Washington, and worked in the banking field. Bruce bought his first sailboat in the early 80's and is currently sailing his 4th. He has a 50 ton Captain's License. They met in 1997, married in 1999. They had Helios built as their retirement boat.
Extra: We sail in Washington and British Columbia. In a couple of years we will sail to Alaska and continue to explore British Columbia north of Vancouver Island www.heliosaweigh.com (our website)
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Created 14 June 2018
Wollochet Outstation
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Created 17 January 2016
At Citadel Marine in Tacoma for bottom paint and repairs.
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Created 26 June 2014
Paxton (grandson) & Vern with Grandpa in Poulsbo
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Sailing Rally from TYC to Wollochet Outstation
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