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Sailing in the Salish Sea of Washington and British Columbia

29 July 2016 | Turtle Bay, Inner Broken Islands group, Barkley Sound, British Columbia
04 January 2016 | Wollochet Bay outstation
12 October 2015 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
26 March 2015 | Tacoma
09 August 2014 | Pender Harbour
30 June 2014 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
22 June 2014 | Tacoma
16 June 2014 | Public dock Gig Harbor
11 June 2014 | Tacoma & Bainbridge Island
11 June 2014 | Breakwater Marina
20 April 2014 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
08 April 2014 | Poulsbo
07 April 2014 | Poulsbo, WA
29 March 2014 | Tacoma, WA

2016 Summer Trip

29 July 2016 | Turtle Bay, Inner Broken Islands group, Barkley Sound, British Columbia
Bruce Kilen - clear, light wind 65 degrees
I have posted our trip with pictures on our website, www.heliosaweigh.com and if you click on 2016 summer trip to Barkley Sound you can read about it, and see some pictures.

New Year's weekend

04 January 2016 | Wollochet Bay outstation
Bruce Kilen- clear and cold
Linda had to take a vacation day or lose it, so we left our slip at Breakwater on December 31st for the TYC outstation at Wollochet. There were 3 other boats already tied up when we arrived. I backed Helios between Phoebe and the shore to tie up on the inside. Hank from Phoebe and Paul from Grand Larsony took the lines from Linda. We had run the diesel heater on the way over and once the power cords were plugged in used the reverse cycle on the air conditioners to keep the temperature in the low 70s with humidity below 20%. We chatted a bit with the other folks then retired to Helios. The temperature outside was in the low 20s, with skim ice on some of the bay, as can be seen in the picture. It had been clear and cold, so all of the white is frost and ice. At midnight 3 of the houses on the bay put on quite a fireworks show to bring in the New Year. We slept in late and spent the day reading, and walking the docks to visit. The other boats left Saturday morning, so we were the only boat. Our friends, Donna and Dan live nearby and Dan came down and picked us up Saturday after dinner so we could play pinochle. The girls beat Dan and me two games to one, same result as usual. We are thinking about flying down to visit them in April in their winter home in Chandler, Arizona. We left the dock a little before noon to take advantage of the start of the ebb through the Narrows. We were home in our slip in 75 minutes. It was a very nice get away for the long New Year’s weekend.

Columbus Day Weekend

12 October 2015 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
Bruce Kilen/rain, wind, sun and calm
We had a three day weekend with Columbus Day being a federal holiday, so the bank would be closed and Linda would have the day off. I went to the store on Friday morning to gather supplies for the weekend trip, and then motored over to Wollochet as there was no wind to speak of, and having the current helping through the Narrows made the trip just over an hour. I tied up on the inside of the dock, and was the only boat there. I put my foul weather gear on and rinsed off the dock from the party results of the birds; mussel and clam shells along with guano. Linda got off work a little early and I walked up to unlock the gate and let her in to park her car, then locking the gate back up. The new locking gate on the ramp to the docks adds security. We debated going out for dinner, but decided that sandwiches and chip would be fine, since it was nice and cozy aboard Helios. We had another boat come in, Columbia, with Cliff Johnson and family. They had just purchased the Ocean Alexander used and joined TYC. I walked them through the sign in procedure and turning on the power, unlocking the gate, restrooms, and kitchen. They were only spending one night then off to Olympia. Saturday saw the rains come in force, along with some wind. We were tucked in between the dock and shore, and the trees on shore blocked the southerly wind, although Helios and the dock were covered in fir needles. The wind coming up the bay formed waves, however, the curve in the shoreline allowed Helios to remain in calm flat water. Sunday after breakfast it was time to put on the foul weather gear and rinse all the needles off Helios, which took quite awhile and we only got 98% of them. We did a lot of reading and watching movies, and then Monday around noon we locked up the outstation and I headed home and Linda came down to the slip to help me tie up, so we were back home by three in the afternoon well rested and relaxed.

Winter Update

26 March 2015 | Tacoma
Bruce - sunshine 60
We were out on Helios for three day weekends in October and November, with both trips being close to home. We went up to Des Moines in October over the Columbus Day weekend and the TYC Oro Bay Outstation on Anderson Island on the Veterans Day weekend. December and January were busy months and Helios didn't get away from the dock, although we managed to squeeze in a week in Hawaii. February saw a couple of trips to Oro Bay one with sails and one without. We took the sails up to the North Sails loft in Seattle and had them cleaned by Clean Sails, and then the stitching taken care of where needed. Linda decided it was time for new sail covers, and we have Belina working on that, and currently waiting for me to get the sails back on, so the final measurements can be taken. We are planning on taking Helios out Easter weekend, just not sure where, so it will be weather dependent.

2 week recap

09 August 2014 | Pender Harbour
Sunny 75*, wind <5
We left Tacoma on Friday the 25th of July for Eagle Harbor to meet up with Joe and Cheryl on Focused. We went from Eagle to Hunter Bay on Lopez Island to anchor, and then into Canada and mooring at Port Browning Marina. We used our NEXUS cards and check in was done by phone. We made another long day to Pender Harbour and Garden Bay Marina. The next day put us in Squirrel Cove on Cortez Island where we stayed for two nights, before moving on to Von Donup Inlet for a couple of nights. The next stop was the Octopus Islands and anchorage along the southern edge of Waiatt Bay for two nights. I should mention that we consider it a cold day if the temperature doesn't get above 75* and we haven't had a cold day. We left Waiatt Bay and sailed down to Taku Marina on Quadra Island for a night. The next day we motored over to Grace Harbour in Desolation Sound for a night, and then to Laura Cove for three nights, as this is Linda's favorite place in Desolation. While we were there they had a concert off the swimstep of an 85' Ocean Alexander in Prideaux Haven, with 135 dinghies in attendance. The artist was Robin Landry from Maple Valley and her backups/band were the "Chicsea Dicks". It was a very nice way to spend 90 minutes on Friday night. We left Laura this morning and pulled into Pender Harbour at 5. I topped Helios off with fuel and figured out that I'm getting 5.3 nautical miles per gallon. We are off to Nanaimo tomorrow.

Wollochet Weekend

30 June 2014 | TYC Wollochet Outstation
Rain and Sun - Temp Hi 60's
I headed out around 12:30 on Friday, singlehanding. The slack at the Narrows was a little after 1. There was very little wind, so it was a fairly quick motor over in about an hour and 15 minutes. John Cassens was already tied up and walked over to give me a hand. I got settled in and then got the hose out to rinse off Helios. Joe and Cheryl arrived a little after 5 with their grandson, Max, and Linda about 30 minutes later. We visited and took turns being Max’s play partners until a later dinner time. We retired to our boats around 9. During the night you could hear the rain hitting the deck, and Saturday morning it looked like we were in for a wet weekend, but we had sunshine by mid afternoon. We loaded up in Linda’s car and went to Mizu’s Restaurant for a Japanese dinner. It is entertaining having your meal cooked right in front of you. We came back and Cheryl played games with Max aboard Focused, while Linda, Joe and I visited in the cockpit of Helios until dark. We were up Sunday morning to sunshine, and Max had his fishing pole and net out ready to wage war against the fauna in the water around the dock. He managed to net a few kelp crabs, and one red rock crab, in addition to some sea stars. Since slack at the Narrows was a little after 2, Helios left the dock a little after 1, being cast off by Linda and Joe. I managed to hit a mud bank by not paying attention as I was motoring out of Wollochet Bay, but did not hit anything hard and backed off and proceeded on my way. I had Linda waiting for me on the dock and we had Helios tied up in her slip by 3.
Vessel Name: Helios
Vessel Make/Model: 2008 Manta MkIV 42' catamaran
Hailing Port: Tacoma, WA
Crew: Bruce & Linda Kilen
About: We were born and raised in the State of Washington, and worked in the banking field. Bruce bought his first sailboat in the early 80's and is currently sailing his 4th. He has a 50 ton Captain's License. They met in 1997, married in 1999. They had Helios built as their retirement boat.
Extra: We sail in Washington and British Columbia. In a couple of years we will sail to Alaska and the following year to Mexico www.heliosaweigh.com (our website)
Helios's Photos - TYC Spring Sailing Rally
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Shortly after the start
not long after the start, with Linda at the helm