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13 May 2016
08 May 2016 | Torpoint Plymouthl
30 April 2016 | Torpoint Plymouth
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10 February 2013

Heading for the boat

30 April 2016 | Torpoint Plymouth
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This weekend we are heading down Plymouth to see the boat and start prepping for the move back to the East Coast.

The transport guys are booked for next Friday which means we have a list of things to get done in preparation. Of course they would do everything for us if we asked but in the spirit of being thrifty I want to keep the costs to a minimum and so am going to get as much done myself as possible.

My best friend Jess is joining me to help out, we normally race Contessa 32's together and have been like family for years so it should be a wicked road trip too.

First thing to get done is removing the ginormous gantry on the stern! Now I know that Olson 38's are true blue water cruisers and it is the kind of gantry you might find on a yacht thats been doing an around the world but i'm pretty sure Lady of Lewis has never been further than France.....perhaps it was the aspiration for the previous owners....it certainly is mine!

The boom also needs to come off, as do the granny bars around the mast then we need to loosen and retighten all the rigging just to make sure its running free for when the mast comes out.

I really would like to be there for when the mast is removed but unfortunately I need to pay for all this and so will be at work. I'm also pretty sure that the mast has never been removed and so am a little worried about how easily its going to be. Perhaps it is best that I won't be there.
Vessel Name: Lady of Lewis
Vessel Make/Model: Ohlson 38
Hailing Port: Dauntless
Extra: Lady of Lewis has been looking and feeling a bit sad for quite a number of years now. I have bought her with the plan of a complete renovation which I plan on doing entirely myself, or certainly as much as possible. Follow my story to see how she progresses :)

Port: Dauntless