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13 May 2016
08 May 2016 | Torpoint Plymouthl
30 April 2016 | Torpoint Plymouth
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10 February 2013

Time to Dismantle

08 May 2016 | Torpoint Plymouthl
Last weekend was all about getting through the pretty full to do list in preparation for the boat being shipped across the country on the back of a lorry.....because thats not a scary prospect at all! I wan't too worried about us getting everything done although I was slightly nervous that if we didn't get everything done on the Saturday we'd end up going out for dinner and "a" glass of wine, which would no doubt turn in to 5...bottles as it so often does with Jess and I.

The list included:
clear everything up so that its not thrown around during the move,
remove the boom,
remove the granny bars from around the mast,
take down the enormous gantry and finally
loosening and retightening all the rigging so its nice and easy for when the guys take the mast out.... I'm not going to lie i'm kind of glad I won't be there for that!

Removing the boom was no problem at all and was done in about 30 minutes.

The granny bars came off pretty easily although typically the access the bolt nuts we had to take down most of the headlining. This is definitely something to go on the list....make headlining more accessible.

The gantry was a bit more fun as it involves getting in and out of the stern locker. It took us most of Saturday to un screw all the bolts on the gantry and granny bars

Pretty much all the rigging moved easily with the exception of a couple of stays but hopefully that won't be an issue for the crane guys.

Vessel Name: Lady of Lewis
Vessel Make/Model: Ohlson 38
Hailing Port: Dauntless
Extra: Lady of Lewis has been looking and feeling a bit sad for quite a number of years now. I have bought her with the plan of a complete renovation which I plan on doing entirely myself, or certainly as much as possible. Follow my story to see how she progresses :)

Port: Dauntless