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13 May 2016
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Moving Day!!!

13 May 2016
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Lady of Lewis is now here in dauntless, safely and happily sitting in her cradle tucked away in the corner of the yard where she will stay for probably the next three years. I won't lie though getting her here was probably the scariest thing I've watched. Now I know all of you seasoned boat owners out there will be laughing and saying they do this every day...they are professionals!....don't worry she'll be fine. That's all very well and good but not 3 weeks ago I saw a picture popping up on my Facebook feed of a very shiny new looking 30 foot yacht slipping out of the hoist slings!
The journey started on Thursday morning with Mark the lorry driver setting off from Lancashire and driving down to Torpoint. It might firstly seem crazy to use a company who are not based locally but of all the transport companies I spoke with Sealand were by far the most responsive, professional and nicest outfit I spoke to. Andrew patiently answered all of my questions and concerns and kept me fully updated the whole time. You just can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind.
The guys are the yard had already removed the mast so early Friday morning they lifted her onto the lorry and off she went. Round all the little back roads in Cornwall, up to the M4, along the M4 then round the M25 (in rush hour!!) Finally reaching Dauntless on Friday night. Mark the driver gave me a ring to let me know that the guys from the yard were going to come back into work to try to lift her off on the Friday night so that they could all enjoy the bank holiday weekend. After 2 hours of that they finally decided that they would need the big crane rather than just the hoist and so would reconvene first thin Saturday morning.
Saturday morning I was there bright and early with my boyfriend Carlos to watch the magic (or horror) happen. Of course all went well. What else did you think I would say.... These guys are professionals you know! ;)
Thank you again to all the guys at Huggins Marina in Torpoint Plymouth and to Sealand Boat Deliveries Ltd!

Vessel Name: Lady of Lewis
Vessel Make/Model: Ohlson 38
Hailing Port: Dauntless
Extra: Lady of Lewis has been looking and feeling a bit sad for quite a number of years now. I have bought her with the plan of a complete renovation which I plan on doing entirely myself, or certainly as much as possible. Follow my story to see how she progresses :)

Port: Dauntless