Bahamas or Bust

Flying Fish Lands In Hand

This lovely flying fish ended his journey on the deck of Sandy Shoes.
At every turn, my life affects another's.

Failed Bahamian Response to Invasion

Bahamian protection from invasion - Fort Fincastle.
Spanish stayed away, but now sneak in on Cruise Ships.

No canons fired - not then, not now!

We Sneaked? or Snuck? into Atlantis

Two funerals & a friend draws me back to the Bahamas.

David & I wander over the 100' high Potters Bridge and sneak into Atlantis to see Eagle Rays, Clownfish, Moray Eels, and "Sawfish" which raises fear in the heart of this diver ;)

Man and Pig Setting Boundaries

We make it to Pig Beach
The mother of all pigs and her minions await our arrival.
I throw apples to the small forlorn pigs:
momma is having none of that and chases them away.
I feed momma, but when I turn my back momma nips my...

Napoleon's Pee

Friends from Canada arrive.
Max and Devin are bullet proof - if things goes awry they will say We screwed up, rather than You screwed up.

On board I have a book "Sailing for Beginners" - Devin actually reads it, and...

Hurricane Left-overs

Apparently (according to Sv...)
When there is a hurricane,
a boat from Hati will go and collect the debri at a song,
and transport it back to Hati to sell it.
The rusty boat in the background, behind the old man,
appears to...