Bahamas or Bust

Napoleon's Pee

Friends from Canada arrive.
Max and Devin are bullet proof - if things goes awry they will say We screwed up, rather than You screwed up.

On board I have a book "Sailing for Beginners" - Devin actually reads it, and explains (on the first day) some of the finer nuances of sailing.
Realizing my remiss behavior, I have begun reading the book and completed chapter one.

We return to Nassau with a side wind which makes the boat heel, and go like stink - (stink being 8 miles an hour).

During a discussion of the water desalinator, I mention that I use it in the harbor.
This leads to the comment that harbor water might be a little foul (sailboat waste must be disposed of somehow, somewhere).
My defence - even a tiny molecule of salt cannot cross the filter membrane,
and anyway every glass of water we drink has 3 million atoms of Napoleon's pee.
Now that I have piqued your "interest", let me give you the unwanted details.

If Napoleon peed a litre a day, and lived for 50 years,
then that is X litres diffused in the world's water.
Since there are Y litres of water in the ocean,
X/Y is the ratio of Napoleon's contribution.
In a cup of water there are Z number of water molecules.
So Z x X/Y is the number of molecues Napoleon contributed.
On rechecking the numbers, there are actually 17 million atoms of Napoleon's pee.

A toast to Napoleon.