Bahamas or Bust



Crock's Back

That’s a Crock!

Desperately trying to Check-in

Goodbye to Bahamas

The Mind

Dare I Post This?

Farewell Skipper Kipper!

Anchor Alarm!


Manatees at Potters Market

Mischievous Miscommunication

Benefits of Sailing!

Curly tailed gekkos

Re-unite in Tilloo!

Flying Fish Lands In Hand

In need of Refresher Course for us Both!!

Failed Bahamian Response to Invasion

We Sneaked? or Snuck? into Atlantis

Man and Pig Setting Boundaries

Napoleon's Pee

Hurricane Left-overs



My Temperamental Girlfriend

Am I going to Jail?

I Never Learn

Rich in Friendship

Josh Arrives

Race to the Bahamas

Tracks of Beauty

Change of plans

Big Boats

A Most Delightful Christmas!

Paradise Peak

Lonnnnnng Sailboat

Christmas Gifts

Wildlife on St. John's!

Tulips & Heineken

Sunsets in Paradise

Happy Christmas Ye Old Salts

Twas the night before Christmas

Jeanette's Picture

Re-Uniting with a Soul-Sista

Scuba Do!

Surprise Christmas Visit

Big Bad Boats

Crab Pots

Christmas Parade

Puerto Rico at last

Man Overboard

Miles and Miles


Clear Sailing

Brown Sea

Dark and Stormy Night

Traveling at Night

Invited to Leave (again)

Cute dinghy

Blow Hole

Goat or Sheep?

Morning sun

Wonderful Waterfalls


Luperon Hurricane Hole

Three hurricanes brewing

The Wise Waiter

Broken Rules

Turks and Caicos or Bust

Abrahams Bay

Mayaguna island


Anchoring at night

Lighthouse 5

Lighthouse 4

Lighthouse 3

Lighthouse 2

The Light-house

Moon lit passage

Anchoring Woes

Rum Cay

Feeling Small

Dolphins come to play!

Doldrums from Staniel to Georgetown!

Pig Beach

Arrival at Staniel Cay!

Thunderball Grotto

A Friendly Shark??!

Arrival Warderick Wells, Exumas Underwater Park

Night of the Iguanas in Allen Cay, Exumas

Nassau to Exumas!

Last Day in Nassau

Sites of Nassau

The Friendly Cosmopolitan Island!

Nassau Tour

Welcome to Nassau!

Yanking up our dingy on the shores of yet another beach paradise,!

Sugar Caves - more pristine has yet to be seen!

Happy 50th Independence Day Bahamas!!

Land bound - Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas

Crossing Bahama Banks To the Berry Islands!

Bimini Beaches!

Last Day in Bimini

July's Buck Full Moon!

Sandy Shoes looking Magestic!

The Sneaky Captain

View outside better than view inside! RE: mess

Bahamian Bohemian Mess

Welcome to Bahamas!

Our Good Neighbour!

Departure from the Florida Keys to Bimini, Bahamas - High Noon on a Friday!

Florida Keys Sunset

Untethered at Last!

It's Hard to Get Good Help!

Seeking relief from the sweltering heat!

Sailmaker Character

A Tiny Respite!

Esthetics of SS

No more holes in the boat, pleease!

New Main Sail Cover Arrived!

Buy your Boat - Float your Boat - Sail your Boat!!

Isn't She Lovely?!

Are crabs crabby?

Crab in a pipe

Stop & Smell the Roses (or Tropical Hibiscus!)

Everyday feels like Christmas!

Words of Wisdom

No Horsing Around Here!

Welcome to the Electrical World aboard Yachts!

New Kid in Town

Light Show

Shortening the List!

Snake Surprise

Water Maker

Music Night at Perry's Hotel

Sargasso Sea on the Bottom of our Dingy!

Pool Refreshment

Penance (;

A room with a view.

Resident Green Iguana

Season of the Frangipani.

The Ocean is Calling & I Must Go



Bimini 11

Bimini 10

Bimini 9

Bimini 8

Bimini 7

Bimini 6

Rigging inspection

Bimini 5

A dog on a leash

The heat makes me sleepy

Act before you think

Bimini 4

Bimini 3


Bimini 2

Bimini 1

Jet Set

Oh mind - Be still

Do I repeat myself?

Someone Blocks my View

Max's last day

Tactless Tacking

Tactful Tacking

Sailing Course for Beginners Successfully Completed!

A tad rough.

Me Cheap?

Fool on a Mast

Lets Go Chase Some Bull Sharks! YIKES!!

Fancy Footing!

Yeah! Back on the Big Blue!

3D Boat Yard Hospitality

BOAT: A Hole in the Water in which Large Amounts of Money are Poured!

Nao Trinidad Spanish Galleon

Work like a Sailor - Play like a Pirate

No End To the Preps!

Shall I dare say 'Told you so'? (;

Our Unassuming Sailor

Life in Tight Quarters (so tight even pictures don't fit)

Seafaring Vocabulary

A Full Ship to An Abandoned Ship!

Bon Voyage!

Oh Oh That Smell! By Lynyrd Skynyrd

Last Day With Josh & Aidan

No shortage of action aboard Sandy Shoes!

Day of the Dingy

Sailing....takes me away...

All Aboard!

Welcome to the Florida Keys Josh & Aidan!

Fun in the Sun

Sea of Glass

Menace of the Seas

Every Journey Begins With the First Step!

Downtime Diversions!

Another day in purgatory - waiting for heaven!

Happy Valentines from a Watery World!

The best laid schemes o' mice en' men...

A big thank you to Jason - always there to lend a helping hand!

Sailing Instructor Saves Student from Himself!

Pacific Seacrafts Designed for Blue Water - She's Almost There!

Hey Jen, let's go diving!

Shoes for twos

One Day at a Time!

Go where you feel most alive!

Patience - Mother of All Virtues

Mallory Square Madness

Blowboats & Stinkpots

Float Your Boat Plan & Tips

The Maiden Voyage - Sandy Shoes (SS) -Pacific Seacraft Sailboat

The Christening of Sandy Shoes!

Muchas Gracias Rosa from the Dominican Republic!

No Fright for Height

The Green Machine!

Sandy Shoes is Insured! Yeah!!

Love of Conchs!

Smathers Beach, Key West

Re-connecting with the Old Salts!

Coming head to head with the head!

Lovely Leona

Toilet Trouble & Grungy Showers

Sanding and Research Research

The Green Diminutive Cabin Boy


Boat Prep

Dry Dock Characters

Walk About

A Good Start!