Bahamas or Bust

The Mind

At the beach the sky is moving, the water is moving,
the people are moving, their thoughts are moving,
even the sand is moving at a molecular level.
Everything we hold as real is a flux.

Dare I Post This?

July 20th, 1996
I notice fresh wolverine tracks on the beach near my tent; it rained yesterday morning, so they are less than a day old.
I paddle seven miles and decide to stop for tea. Pulling the canoe onto a sliver of bedrock, I walk over the...

Farewell Skipper Kipper!

Always a pleasure to sail the big blue with you, David. Your sea knowledge has increased by whopping waves and crazy currents.
May the weather gods be with you as you go where your spirit takes you....and as you say, the body will follow.

Anchor Alarm!

Normally the term, 'anchor alarm' refers to a beeping sound to get the Captain's attention when the boats anchor drags towards the rocks. At sunset today we pulled up our 50 lb anchor to find a massive piece of steel twisted in our chain with a grip that put...


Jeanette and I go to Nassau to have a contest to see who can make the most friends in a walk-about.
A young lady asked me for a dollar.
I (try) to open my wallet at an angle so she can't see.
I decide to give her six dollars.

Manatees at Potters Market

While being entertained by manatees and eagle rays, we met a man who stopped along the boardwalk to recite all sorts of medical & local knowledge - as always, it's the people we meet that make cruising so absolutely delightful.