The adventures of POV 2, a Lagoon 42 catamaran, crossing the Atlantic.

18 December 2018 | Off the boat
14 December 2018 | St. Lucia
13 December 2018 | 200 miles to go
12 December 2018 | 2 Days Out!
12 December 2018 | 2 Days Out!
12 December 2018 | 2 Days Out!
12 December 2018 | . 300 Miles from St Lucia
10 December 2018 | 600 miles from St. Lucia
10 December 2018 | a dark night
09 December 2018 | 650 miles from the Caribbean
09 December 2018 | 19 Degrees North, 48 Degrees West
07 December 2018 | 20 Degrees North, 45 Degrees West
06 December 2018 | Westing along the 20th Parallel near the 43rd meridian
06 December 2018 | pasthalf
05 December 2018 | Top of the Hump
05 December 2018 | Oval Office
05 December 2018 | Middle of the Atlantic
04 December 2018 | middle of the world
04 December 2018 | Area 51
04 December 2018 | atlantic ocean

UFO -> IFO, put down the Red phone

05 December 2018 | Oval Office
  Tell Fat Orange Rocketman that it's not Little Rocketman.

Celestial photography, it turns out, is not easy from the heaving deck of a small boat being tossed about in the middle of the Atlantic, even from a largish boat in smallish seas.

The answer, as David posted earlier, is Venus and the Moon were dancing a duet in the pre dawn sky. Venus is so bright that as the sun lightened the sky it gave the moon a run for it's money.

At the risk of revealing invasive thoughts I digress to disasters at sea. Not to us, as this has been but a 3 hour day sail (tour) that just wont end. More along the lines of "On The Beach", where nuclear Holocaust has destroyed life on land. Being in the middle of the Atlantic (we just started the day with champagne to celebrate reaching the equidistant point between start and finish) without news of the world one (I) can start to wonder if it's all still there. Of course with cell phones and satellites we know our loved ones are there and safe as they know we are here and safe.

But what if it all went dark? Which movie do we imagine ourselves in? "On the Beach" alone at sea wondering if any one else still breaths? Cormac McCarthy's "The Road", grim survival with what purpose? Or Mel Gibson's "Road Warrior", with a hint of optimism?

Being optimistic by nature I'll take the role of Mad Max. At least in my fantasy version. It looks like a lot of fun if you fancy adventure. The reality might be somewhat different though. As my ship mates have dubbed me Spock on this voyage, I doubt I'd get the part of Max. More likely I'd take the role of the of geeky aviator in his improvised aircraft. Definitely in my wheelhouse.

Don't read this and fear for my sanity. Once long ago I spent 35 days at sea alone sailing to Polynesia in a 24ft Farr without throwing myself overboard. In that day there was no communication with anyone, let alone loved ones. The only connection to humanity was a short wave receiver yielding a scratchy BBC and the faint beeps of the WWV time signal. Since becoming a parent I often reflect on the stress that must have caused my mom. Granted by then she was almost used to it. Then again, she let us tumble about the car without seat belts, play with dry cleaning bags and shoot arrows straight up in the air and dodge them on the way down.

So on we sail, with all the sanity we ever had still in tact. I've settled into my role on this Enterprise while Mark gallantly fills the boots and spandex shirt of Kirk. The two doctors are still fighting for the role of Bones, although a development has occurred with the first diagnosis being given to Cy by David: Gout. Cy's ankle has swollen and become sore without insult. Must be the rich food and champagne for breakfast lifestyle we're living.

Still, not all the blinking lights I saw in the night sky are explainable by known (to me) science. If THEY are up there, I hope they keep the us safe from the fools in charge.
Vessel Name: POV 2
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 42
Crew: Mark, Cy, Chris & Dave
About: Old enough to know better, just not wise enough.
POV 2's Photos - Main
13 Photos
Created 26 September 2018
There's so much to do to get a boat ready to make her uniquely yours. Zach is raising the France country flag, which is flown as a courtesy to your host country. Here's also a picture of putting the name of the boat actually on the boat. Why the name POV 2? As many of you know, Pam named our Sonoma county home, Point of View. It only seemed fitting to use the name again for our home on the water.
3 Photos
Created 20 September 2018
These are pictures from our two hour test sail. First time I've ever launched a Code Zero sail (well, I had a lot of help). The boat handles amazingly well.
5 Photos
Created 20 September 2018
Pictures include moving the boat from the basin/canal to La Rochelle's main marina. You can see the medieval fortresses of La Rochelle. Between the two towers is the city's old harbor. They used to hang a large chain across this harbor entrance at night to prevent ships from entering.
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Created 20 September 2018
Here are some pictures of the galley items in the cabinets. Look good, Pam?
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Created 20 September 2018
Zach and I spent most of Sunday unpacking the 50+ boxes from Amazon and Amazon France. Furnishing a boat is like furnishing a condo including items for the cabins (sheets, blankets, pillows), the heads (towels, floor rugs) and the galley (plates, silverware, glasses, pots, pans, cooking utensils), as well as numerous safety items (liferaft, EPIRB, rescue sling).
4 Photos
Created 17 September 2018
This album includes some pictures of other boats before they are placed in the water. A huge semi literally moves the catamaran on its side from the factory (60+ miles away) to La Rochelle. It is then put on the ground where it is fitted with its mast and rigging. A large crane then envelops the boat and attaches two large straps around its bottom lifting it up and crawling to the dockside where it is lowered into the water.
4 Photos
Created 17 September 2018