Prickly Pear Island

Prickly Pear Island with Greg, Dawna, Marcel and Brent

BVI and USVI pt 10
04/12/2015, Anegada

We found the weather perfect for heading to Anegada. Decent wind and no swells. The sail was nice and the overnight part would be as well. It was an uneventful sail. Even all of the channel markers were in place. We found a nice mooring toward the very back and closer to the channel so we could accommodate our monohull's keel without worry and found we happily had 3 feet under the keel.
We just got moored and a gentleman named Eugene came by to tell us about the Anegada Beach Hotel. He said he had a truck waiting for guests over by the shore. There was a restaurant, beach bar and good snorkeling. What more could a person want. We were in. We saw a few dinghies full of people headed over to the pick up spot so we waited for the next trip and headed over. We got in the back and ten minutes later we were enjoying very good frosty cold drinks and ordering some lunch.
After luch jenny and I wanted to go snorkeling so we left the guys to fend for themselves at the beach bar and we went to the beach. Once there we saw a couple of people cleaning conch that they just caught in the sand. After removing the slimy membrane in the sand then they would go out to the water to clean the sand off of the conch. It was very interesting.
The snorkeling was nice. There were lots of small fish and some soft curly white corals and the water stayed quite shallow over the reefs. Jenny and I went out almost to the edge of the reefs but turned back before we got to open ocean. There were a lot of live conch along the way as well so we could tell why they were diving for them here.
Jenny and I went for a walk to the end of the beach and saw another development, cottages perhaps that had giant sand bags holding back the water from creeping up to their buildings.
We later joined Andy and Curtis and their bartender Mary and had a couple of cold drinks. Mary showed us the really neat new safari style tents that they were using as hotel rooms. They were amazing and the price was right too. $300 a night, right on the beach. They were stunning.
Once we decided to head back to the boat, yes it did have to end unfortunatly, Mary called Eugene and he was there waiting to take us back. True to his word it was a free trip. But he made our day and we had to tip him! http://

BVI and USVI pt10
04/12/2015 the time happy hour rolled around we were ready to hit Saba Rock. I wanted a chance to see the tarpon feeding and see what kind of treasures they had in the pool. Greg and crowd got there first and secured the comfy seats with the umbrellas. We got to see the giant eel and many other fish. The same gentleman that feeds the tarpon also feeds the pond fish and he had all kinds of terrible jokes to tell as well as some life lessons for all who could stand to listen in the sweltering sun. There was a lot of great information about his charges given as well. It just took time to hear it all.
Always great until around 5 when all of the umbrellas in the world cannot keep the sun off of you. Good timimg though as after a great time in the comfy chairs it was time for dinner so we moved on in to the restaurant for a meal of hamburgers, mahi fingers and chicken skewers. The service was slower than we were hoping for but it all worked out and we had a nice time. The next day Greg, Dawna, Marcella and Brent were headed to Little Dix and the end of their trip(it was a month since they got to the BVI's) and we were headed to Anegada. Safe sailing guys.

BVI and USVI pt9
04/12/2015, Sabab Rock and Prickly Pear Island

We left Leverick to head for the Saba Rock moooring field. It was a twenty minute cruise. We easily found a great mooring ball, one that would maximize the cooling breeze at night and yet still be pretty close the Saba to catch their WIFI. We planned with Greg and Dawna Bowles from Myah at home...Annie's Turn in the BVI, to meet here today. They followed behind about half an hour later. We had a refreshing swim then got ready to go to the back side of Prickly pear Island. There are a few really nice and mostly private beaches there and in the past we have had some really great snorkeling there.
We arrived in some pretty rough waves but we landed the dinghy, brought her right up on shore as we did not want to loose her while we explored and snorkeled and then hit the water. It was great swimming but there were not a lot of fish. Andy was able to dive down and collect a few old conch shells and it was great hanging out with Dawna and Greg and Brent and Marcella.

BVI and USVI pt 8
04/12/2015, Leverick Bay Marina
Leverick Bay Resort also had a new twist to delight guests this year. It is Water Jet Packing. You can go out for an hour lesson, we saw a couple of teenage boys trying it in the early afternoon. We spoke with their mom who had tried it the day before. She said it was awesome. The guys taking you out also put a show on during happy hour, they did spins, dolphin jumps in and out of the water, backflips and even just standing tall about what looked like 15 feet in the air. It was amazing to say the least.

BVI and USVI 2015 Pt 7
04/12/2015, Leverick Bay

We always enjoy our time at Leverick Bay Resort and Marina. We always get a slip thanks to the great deal that TTOL members get and this breaks up the trip nicely. We can come and go as we please, do laundry, take showers, go to the store, and so much more. It is a pleasure to be there. We have watched Michael Beans a few times, enjoyed the Friday night BBQ and Jumbies, and have also really like the times we have gone to the Upstairs restaurant. The service is wonderful, especially Laverne, who we have been lucky enough to have serve us the last two times we have been there for dinner. The food is always top notch as well. This time was no exception. We had wonderful meals including lobster, steak, and tuna with some incredible appetizers. It was a super end to a great day.

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