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31 December 2019 | Emeryville Roadtrip
16 July 2017 | Wrangell Harbor
15 July 2017 | Petersburg, Alaska
12 July 2017 | Baronof Warmm Springs
10 July 2017 | Tenakee Inlet
08 July 2017 | Hoohah
07 July 2017 | Elfin Cove Dock
29 June 2017 | Yakutat City Dock
29 June 2017 | Yakutat City Dock
29 June 2017 | Yakutat City Dock
26 June 2017 | Gulf of Alaska, East of Kayak Island, West of Icy Bay
25 June 2017 | Gulf of Alaska
24 June 2017 | Seward, Alaska
21 June 2017 | Seward, Alaska
20 June 2017 | Seward, Alaska
22 April 2017 | Seward, Alaska
22 April 2017 | Passage to Kodiak
22 April 2017 | Chignik,, Alaska
22 April 2017 | Sand Point, Alaska

Vuda for a Few More days

29 June 2014 | Vuda Point Marina, Fiji
We are pretty much done with our maintenance projects, and were just about to leave when we did notice a stinky smell when we ran the engine. An investigation revealed that our stainless exhaust elbow had a crack. So, a couple more days for extraction, re-welding, and re-install, and we can go.

Meanwhile, we attended "A Day at the Races" Fiji style. The marina manager arranged a free bus to haul a number of us to the race park, gave a bottle of Bundaberg Reserve, Aussie rum to the best dressed participant, and just showed us a great time. The race was run by Fijians for Fijians although many ex-pats and a few yachties attended. The riders used no saddle, no shoes, no helmet, and rode like the wind on very spirited (nearly out of control) horses. So, it was quite exciting, and Elisabeth being a horse girl was very at home.

After the race the woman who won the rum shared it with the gang ensuring that we all were a bit slow moving the next morning. So, it is still great fun.

In a few days, we will set sail for Blue Lagoon, and other fun places. Oh, by the way, we have posted a new Fiji album, with many race photos, as well as a Tuvalu album, so please....have a look!

Lastly, we have been immortalized at Vuda. Our old California flag was retired, autographed by us, and hung in honor at the Vuda Sunset Bar! Thank you Vuda Point marina. Vinaka!

Best Always, Rod and Elisabeth,
Your Rock and Roll Argonauts
Vessel Name: Proximity
Vessel Make/Model: Swan 41
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: Rod Lambert, Elisabeth Lehmberg
Who Are Rod and Elisabeth? We are Rod Lambert and Elisabeth Lehmberg. Elisabeth is from Bremerhaven, Germany, and Rod is from Monterey, California. In our youth we each had dreams of living on the water and sailing long distance. [...]
Extra: 2017 Update. From 2009 to Summer 2016, we sailed the South Pacific Ocean, visiting many many wonderful places and meeting incredible all along the way. Finally, it was time to do something a little different, so we headed North. North to Alaska. The dream continues. Welcome!
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