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01 January 2002 | following the sun...

Deon at the helm
in Madagascar.

A Circumnavigation on yacht "PRRRFECTION"
Updated: Sept.'04

Our dream to circumnavigate started on 5 July 2001. We sailed from our homeport Durban, South Africa on a clear, sunny day, very excited and very nervous. We headed towards Madagascar and Mayotte Island - our shakedown cruise. It was the start of a wonderful time - full of adventure, fun and excitement. Paradise however also has sad endings!

Deon, our beloved dad and husband died less than 3 months later from a massive heart attack in Mayotte whilst jogging, leaving us on this idyllic island, without a father, husband.... somewhere in the Indian Ocean. He died on 11 October 2001.

After returning to Durban we, Ronelle and the children, decided to continue our sailing (a circumnavigation) in loving memory of Deon van Rooyen (born 19.12.1959).

We are cruising on a Wildcat 350 catamaran, built in South Africa by Charter Cats, Durban. "Prrrfection" is 35' with four spacious cabins, two heads and galley up in the saloon - the most perfect cruising vessel for us.

The name "Prrrfection" was a family decision and the beautiful logo and stripes on the topsides were made by Deon as this was our occupation in South Africa.

After doing homeschooling for many years on the boat, the girls attended formal school for the first time when we arrived in Tahiti. The gilrs attended College de Taravao for two years while we stayed in the magical islands of French Polynesia. They fitted in immediately and passed their grades...bearing in mind that the schooling was in French! I really have to take credit here and it just confirm my firm belief that home schooling is very good for kids - and families for that matter!

I have had much assistance from my family, friends and fellow yachties and the decision to continue sailing is my way of coping with our loss. After losing Deon, I realised that you alone are responsible for your happiness and contentment in life. We have only one life and I learned with a shock that it is indeed very short and might suddenly end. The journey home is never a direct route. It is in fact, always circuitous, and somewhere along the way we discover that the journey is more significant than the destination. The people we meet along the way will be the travelling companions of our memories forever.

I have been fortunate and blessed again to have met Claude Hall. He has been a supportive friend since I met him and I am lucky to have him in my life.

This journey is in memory of Deon, who gave me a dream to live. We planned to be together forever but this was not meant to be. Our travels will take us round the world, across oceans, through storms and calms and will give us "New Directions".

"I want to travel as far as I can go,
Want to reach the joy that's in my soul,
And change the limitations that I know,
And feel my mind and spirit grow.

I want to live, exist, "to be",
And hear the truths inside of me".

(Doris Warshay)

Follow our progress. Our logs are listed in the left column (red text) and are in reverse order. Click on "Contents" and start reading from the bottom up (Durban to Durban). We are taking a very slow cruise, learning all about the cultures and people along the way. For us this has become a way of life.

We are currently in Fiji. After leaving Tahiti very reluctantly....(as all cruisers do!) we arrived in Fiji and immediately saw huge opportunities and...355 islands to explore! The girls are once again in school and Claude and I are now joining the ranks of the landlubbers during office hours. We work ...but still come home to Prrr every evening....We still want to live on the boat. I love the boat and the cruising life and I hope you will enjoy our blog and thoughts and adventures too.

Please sign our guestbook - we love to read your messages.

Have fun, hope to see you here again soon!

Current Position: Vuda Marina - Fiji Islands

Free ebook for download. "Welcome to Durban - a Sailor's Guide". Free Download



Vessel Name: Prrrfection
Vessel Make/Model: Wildcat 35
Hailing Port: DURBAN, South Africa
Crew: Ronelle, Claude, Mariska & Rochelle
About: Mom Ronelle, Partner Claude and teenagers- Mariska and Rochelle started circumnavigating 2001
After the untimely death of father Deon van Rooyen in 2001, mom Ronelle continued to circumnavigate with her children - Riaan, Mariska and Rochelle. Claude has been her partner for many years, sharing her love of the sea, adventure, new places... The voyage is a sloooowwww one.....each [...]
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Prrrfection's Photos - PRRRFECTION - a sailing circumnavigation. (Main)
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grilling fish on the coals
look at our cute dinghy in the background
crystal clear fiji waters...
our panasonic lumix camera with underwater housing
 such a nice picture moment... i could not resist it
rochelle getting it up at Natadola beach
my angels in an  underwater paradise
a germinating coconut
this is Fiji
having communal dinners on the lawns at Vuda
this was just after our Tsunami scare
my family - 2010
waiting at nadi airport for riaan
dearest Riaan during his visit
one of the advantages to living half ashore - is growing flowers and veggies again
the bay is as nice as the beach
we are Not in a swimming pool!
the surfing dudes! (the ho-dads)hahahahah
picnic on the beach
rivers to explore
this sandy spit is exposed at low tide
the girls in their school uniforms..
beaches for picnics...
beautiful  under water scenes
this is fiji
mariska and rochelle painting the mural at the marina
beautiful above the water
beautiful under the water
stripes logos graphics on a boat - that is our job
mariska enjoying the water
underwater fiji
we could not stop taking photos
fish and the mermaid...
a  favourite secluded spot
the other mermaid..
rochelle in her own world
claude getting all arty again
swimming amongst the fish
this is in the sea - it is not in an aquarium - i promise!
musket cove - a view from the top
my job - logos and names and designs....
the entrance to Vuda Marina...and Amigo in the foreground
beaches...palm trees....
making signs...
reflection on prrrfection...
at anchor ...with one of the many spectacular sunsets....
my favourite colours are here as well
the marina
claude with the horses on the beach
horse riding on the beach
Jope and Nunya
Jope and best man - look at the beautiful Masa cloth
Claude taking Amigo for a paddle
having a horse also makes living in Fiji a brighter place...
home at night
friends and fun and laughter
having kava
hindu wedding
friends = fun!!
underground oven - lovo
food from heaven - palm heart - grilled fish...(not the coke)
frangipani fragrance
lovo feast
El Piso - the boat that we use to map/chart anchorages whilst writing the new Fiji cruising guide
Friends, Fun , Food, Fiji.....
dressing up a-la-indian-style
claude at work
claude and the girls - and it is NOT a swimming pool!
Claude and i at a resort
a sure way not to get lost in the dark....
amigo passed out....
Claude grilling freshly caught fish on the beach
beautiful waters
the cousins having fun during cyclone Mick
a traditional Fijian house - Bure
ronel on bow
rochelle weaving palm leaves
rochelle catching ature
rochelle fishing
mariska and rochelle
house boat 2
claude dinghy
claude ronel waterfall
claude animals kayak
backstep splashing
claudes big 51
Prrr was the first catamaran to be hauled out at Vuda Point Marina's new catamaran ramp.
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Created 25 May 2017
favourite photos that i brought back due to demand!! thanx
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